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British Traction In The Midlands 1997-2008

By Kevin Hunt

Kevin Hunt had been a railway enthusiast since the 1960's after visiting his grandparents house that was close to a main railway line and had written about his exploits in photographing and cataloguing midland locomotives. He decided that he would like to see his work in print so looked around for a publisher. Unfortunately his computer skills were not quite as good as they needed to be for him to finish the production of the book himself and he could not interest a large publisher due to the amount of preparatory work needed on the book before publishing. Kevin had come across my name and early this year he phoned me out of the blue as I am a local small time publisher and asked if I might be interested in helping him publish his railway book. After a brief discussion on the phone we arranged a meet and we came to an agreement that if I helped him with the preparatory work and he published the book himself he would give me a little acknowledgement to myself for my work on it and would permit me to sell some copies of the finished the book. The book was duly completed and is in a similar format to my own published works and at a similar price.





                                                                  KEVIN HUNT

N.B. The first edition was as a paperback and was only in black & white, but the updated colour version now retails at 9.99 with the new E-book selling at only 7.75.