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The History Of A Stafford Church


Andrew Lucas who drew some of the pictures for my book "Coin Collecting For Beginners"  has been writing this for a long time and kept changing it by improving the pictures/illustrations and expanding the text. I have been promising that I would publish it for a couple of years now and been putting it off on various pretexts, but after ruthlessly editing out most of the drier detail and leaving the historical and anecdotal text I think it makes an interesting addition to my range of books. The appeal of this title will be limited, but history buffs and many people who are interested in how life was in older times and how it has changed in and around a county town may well be fascinated by its contents. The theme of the book centres around the church, but it is definitely not a religious book although some of the workings of the church in times gone by are detailed.


Part One - A History of the Royal Free Chapel of St. Mary’s and the College of Canons

Part Two - The Architectural History of the Mediaeval Church

Part Three - A State of Decay, St. Mary’s Post-mediaeval Traumas