Darts For Everyone.

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Alan Hartley stayed on at school until he was 18 and when he joined the 6th form he found that the common room possessed a dartboard. He soon realised that he had a natural aptitude for the game and spent much study time and even the occasional skipped lesson playing darts.

By the time he left school he had already become quite good as pub standards went. He signed up for a local team and started playing 5 or 6 nights a week playing in several different leagues.

After a year or two he started making a bit of a name for himself locally and got invited to local exhibitions to be one of the underdogs playing the professionals. He played several of the big names of the day including John Lowe. Some games he won and some he lost. He had a try out for the local Super League team when it was one team per town but decided not to follow it up because of the expense.

At the age of 25 he had a nervous breakdown and his game collapsed. 20 years later he still plays pub darts having never made the grade to County but he has played in a couple of national competitions, coming runner up in one sponsored by the bank where he worked for a while.

He still has moments of glory with occasional high finishes and 180s but contents he himself with playing pub darts and has run his local team for a number of years. More recently he has been appointed league secretary for one of his local leagues that enables him to satisfy his urge to put something back into the local game that he has enjoyed for so long.                                            




 “Darts For Everyone” covers the many facets of a popular and growing indoor sport tracing its origins from hundreds of years ago when the game first started, up to the modern day.

A section of anecdotes is included for light entertainment and there is a serious section on other games that can be played on a dart board.

For those who want to run their own leagues there are several league tables listed which have been drawn up for easy use and for those who want to improve their game the book also includes most of the recommended ways to finish a game of darts.

Tips are given on how to play the game along with the basic rules and towards the end of the book are included several brief biographies of some of the games superstars of all time.

Other extracts can be found elsewhere on this site.

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