“Funny Money” is first and foremost meant to be entertaining with many interesting facts about different aspects of money that we all use in our everyday lives. The book goes into great detail on forgeries of both coins and notes including a section on the legalised printing of “funny money” which are not really forgeries but more play money featuring television characters. A section on famous great thefts and robberies rounds off this part of the book.

The book also includes a large section on the history of coins and British banknotes which is brought up to date with pieces on Decimalisation and the introduction of the Euro. There is information on the workings of the Royal Mint as well as a brief history.

Other subjects mentioned are the “Rare £2 Coin,” “The Pope and the Euro” and  A.T.M.s.

It is hoped that “Funny Money” will also encourage more young people into a hobby that has grown enormously in the last couple of decades. A fascination with money often starts young people collecting coins out of their change and for those with a little more money to spend the collection of banknotes can be very rewarding.  

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