An Internet Success And Darts Failure

By Alan J. Hartley.



Whilst this book is loosely about darts and the life of a middle aged darter (myself) who never made the grade as a player, it is also made up of a lot of funny articles that were written by myself when I took over as league Secretary of a village based darts league after the old lady who had run it for many years died. I dragged the league into the 21st century by first of all introducing advertising on the league Fixtures to raise money for the league and then starting a Web-site. The League web-site struggled to gain recognition for a year or two, but started to receive more and more hits as jokes and articles about darts were added. The jokes became ruder and the articles sillier/funnier and the number of hits rose accordingly. Then I got more involved with another local league and set up a web-site for them. This second site rapidly became a hit, far quicker than the first and took up more and more of my attention so that in the end I virtually stopped playing darts and simply went to watch the games and get occasional ideas for topics to write about.



My Early Years And Darts.
Setting Up A League Web-site.

Moving With The Times

Ladies Team Win £1 Million

A Great Start

Adding More Interest To The Web-site

A New Ambassador For Darts

A Word Of Warning!!!
The Need For Fresh Blood.

The Introduction Of A Jokes Page.

A Sign Of The Times

My Own Soapbox.

Trouble With Gay Darts Team

Aren't Our Policemen Wonderful?

Bullseye Special 22/10/05

Great Haywood Clubs Raised Oche.

Electronic Scoreboards

A Second Web-site

An Unfortunate Decision

Another Win For Bristow 24/11/05

Phil Taylor’s Dart Hand

Dangerous Darts.

Presentation Night

Televised Darts.

A Manly Bullseye.

Surprise Victory For Stompé (06/01/07)

Exploring New Avenues.

John Lowe (Old Stoneface or Gentleman John)

More Success And Added Inspiration.
A Load Of Bull
Some Salubrious Darts Venues.
Healthy Darts.
Unexpected Dangers.
Drug Testing For Darters.
Darts No Longer A Cinderella Sport
The Stranger Side Of Darts
The Future For Phil The Power Taylor.
Better Darts.

More Silliness.
A Different Type Of Darts.
A Bad Chat Up Line.

Wildlife And Darts.
Disco Darts
A Good Home Throw.
An Internet Success.