A Bygone Life On The Railways

By Gordon Axten


Gordon Axten has been a local figure in the villages around Little Haywood for most of his long, active and full life. Since I first moved into the area when I was about 12 years old I can remember seeing him walking everywhere, for miles sometimes, between local towns. In my memories he has never changed and grown old, he is still very sprightly.

For decades he has played darts in local pubs and for a number of years he played in a team that I ran. It is well known how many children he had and there is no doubt that he has had a very full a life. He is well liked and nobody would ever have a reason to say an unkind word about him.

For several years now I have been an aspiring author with a number of articles published in local newspapers and several unpublished books to my name. After reading my parents “War Time Memoirs” Gordon decided that he would like to tell his tale of a life spent on the railways. I suggested that he write it in his own words and I would type it up and help with the editing. That is what we have done and the story that follows is the result of this collaboration.


                                       Alan Hartley.

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