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For some time now, I have had an interest in building websites and been gaining experience with various sites. So far they have all been developed on a non commercial basis from my own hobbies and past times, (many for the benefit of my local community) but I dream of making money from them by selling one or two websites commercially and also by getting commission from adverts that I have started to place on some of them.

I run my own darts web-site, plus a web-site for Rugeley Darts League that you can visit by clicking here and here for another darts league web-site that is not active at the moment. I also run a site for a club that I play darts in, Click Here.  A further small site that I set up for one of my book customers can be found Here and Click Here here for a gardening tips site that I have set up on behalf of my mother and Here for Hixon Allotments. Connected with my allotment activities I write for two diary type articles for two more websites. Click Here and Here for the articles. My interest in the Environment is satiated by my Environmental Issues And Going Green website. My commercial Homepage can be found HERE.