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From Pad To Verse
(A Pot Pourri Of Poems)
By Pat Taylor

About The Author

The Authoress, born in Bristol – now living in Staffordshire, describes herself as a cross between Pam Eyres and Spike Milligan (poetry –wise, not in looks!)
Like Pam, Pat started work at 16 in the Civil Service, but in more recent years has become a Teaching Assistant.
Pat has two 6 foot sons and a loving husband.
She intends staying young forever and growing old disgracefully.
In her own words “Stay young, occasionally act your shoe size and live for today!”



This book is dedicated to my Husband, Geoff,
my sons, Robert and Matthew
and all those who encouraged
me to write it.


About The Author.
Shooting Star.
Bristol City.  
Back To School Tomorrow..
Our Summer Break(Down)  
Work Is A FOUR Letter Word.
An Ode To Reet  
Bird Spotting.  
R.J.'S First Bike (Xmas 85')  
The Darts Match.  
Why Me?.  
View from A Choir Loft  
A Choosing of the Christmas Tree.  
The Chocoholics Alphabet  
My Dog Jason.
Stormy Night  
4x4 Trialling.
Hairy Spider In The Bath.  
Village Life.
Things To Do Before I’m 60.  
“We Are The Champions”.  
Where Did All The Baby Days Go?.  
The Checkout Curse.  
My Brother.  
My Brother.  
Can’t Cook – Won’t Cook.  
Country Lanes.  
Car Booting
April 23rd
A Poetic Reply
The County Show

Shooting Star

Tonight I saw a shooting star
It took me by surprise
A brighter light I've never seen
Blazed across the skies

It triggered off so many thoughts
Some happy, some are sad
I remembered the stars that had gone before me
My Mum, my Sister, my Dad

Then I had another thought as I watched
This celestial gem
Did the Three Wise Men see a similar star
Long ago in Bethlehem?