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Tales From The Towpath

By Doreen Gordon

( Edited By Alan J Hartley)



Tales From The Towpath is Doreen Gordon’s first literary work and tells of her adventures and times aboard a narrow boat in Great Britain.

The story opens with a holiday afloat and the decision to buy an empty hull and fit the boat out with the work being shared out between her and her husband. After the hull was delivered the work really began.

A couple of years later the pair realised that their “Cratch” making enterprise needed more space so they ordered a bigger hull and started all over again.  They continued their life afloat and experienced a different life away from the “Rat Race” with boozy parties, cold winters, various boat gatherings, accidents galore and lots of wildlife.

Eventually, after some twelve years afloat and after her husband Graham had passed, away Doreen decided to sell her narrow boat and retire. She says that the only thing she regrets about the adventure was in not starting it sooner in life, because, as says, she, “Would have had many more tales to tell.”



It All Started With A Holiday.

Our First Narrowboat.

Settling In To A New Life.

The Booze Criuse.

A Bigger Better Boat.

Christmas On The Boat.

Accidents Will Happen.

Anti-Social Behaviour.

Wildlife On The Canals.

Losing Tools.

Naming The Boats.