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What You Can Do With Your Computer

This book has been prompted by the voluntary work that I do as a computer buddy at a local library and at a local computer club run by Age Concern in a small village hall. Bill Tweddle, the groups session leader at the Colwich club, who has many years of experience with computers, has co-written the book with me.  The idea for the book was that it might appeal to the middle aged or older person who has never been involved with computers before. The number of these people is dwindling as more older people get forced into using them to keep up with their grandchildren, but there are still a lot of them about.

The book is not a how to do, but is more intended to open peoples eyes as to how computers might interest them. The scope of computer subjects covered in the book is very broad, but does not go into much technical detail as this might put newcomers off from going further and finding out more about the numerous applications mentioned.

What You
Can Do With

By       Alan J Hartley
      Bill Tweddle