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Poems From World War Two
(Re-titled - Poems From The Great Wars)

This collection of poems was a surprise addition to my range of books and came from a totally unexpected source. An old Lady who is a friend of my mother found a collection of photographs in her deceased husbands belongings some years ago. The photo's were actually pictures of poems cut out of old newspapers, mostly from the second world war era. Several times she asked me about getting the poems printed for her and when I came to actually carry out the task I was surprised by their number and variety. The more recent ones were omitted in case any of the authors are still alive as I have no wish to upset anyone with regard to copyright etc.

The majority of the poems are of course very serious in their nature, but there are a few with a little black humour and others that expressed the hope that existed even in such grim times. Some poems are just a few lines and others several pages, some are standard rhyming formats and others simply thought provoking prose. Many of the poems were untitled so I took the liberty of adding a title and in all there are over 80 poems. The mix is quite eclectic so hopefully there are some that will appeal to all those that are drawn to read them.