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DARTS ARTICLES by Alan J Hartley. Please click on arrow next to article for link.

            Articles in red not written by Alan Hartley

            Odds And Sods         

A Memorable Game.
A Good Start
The Square Oche!
Throwing With One Hand Tied....
Excuses For Not Using Chalk
Penguin Joke
Marking A White Board
Best Of Luck!
Colour Prejudice And Darts
£30 Million 2nd Prize!
An Unfortunate Bounce Out
New Darters Twist On An Old Joke
Kuru - Darts In Bhutan
Encouraging Players to Win
Superior Lady Players
Dartsplayer Wins £3,000 Compensation
A Good Marker Always Beats...
The Longest Ever Lock In
Chalking Up Another Good Christmas
A Pre-Season Practice
Beer Goggles
Sexual Equality For Darts Players
Memories Of Different Darts
Back In The Madhouse
Me And My Big Mouth
A Darts Shirt
Chances Of Hitting 180
A Blonde Barmaid
Charity Collections
An Unexpected Visitor
An Over Confident Player
Back On The Doubles
More Bull-shit
Dress Code For Darts Players
Match Etiquette
New League Boundaries
Interesting Pub Names
Dedication And Confidence
Pub Collections
Getting There On Time
5 Portions Of Fruit & Veg' A Day.
Disco Darts
A Good Home Throw
Phil Taylor Is Improving By Degrees
Wildlife And Darts
A Bad Chat Up Line
A Different Type Of Darts
Better Darts
A Load Of Bull
Some Salubrious Darts Venues
Healthy Darts
Unexpected Dangers
Drug Testing For Darters
Darts No Longer a Cinderella Sport
Stranger Side Of Darts
A Manly Bullseye
Dangerous Darts
Bullseye Special
Friendly's 15/2/06
A Good Finish To The Season
Aren't Our Policemen Wonderful?
The Need For Fresh Blood
A Sign Of The Times
Trouble With Gay Darts Team
A Word Of Warning
Ladies Team Win £1 Million
Moving With The Times 2003 

                Feature Articles        

180 Playoffs.
Scoring Problems
A Perfect Game
A Thankless Job
Technical Developments &
Weird Players Tables
It's All In A Name
Late Arrival Of Players
An Unfortunate Decision
Political Correctness & Changing With The Times
Lady Players Making Their Presence Felt
A Great Name For A Pub
A Promotional Dartboard
Some Funny Knock Outs
Using A Free FaceBook Type Page
Stress And Mistakes In Darts.
The Rise Of Darting Holidays.
Getting Lost In Pubs
Tempting Fate & Dirty Tricks
Appropriate Signs In Pubs
Lost Darts
Mark Hylton In Rugeley
A Fun Practice Night
Pubs Opening And Closing Are The Pits!
Double BYE's
Encouraging Traditional Pub Games
Rugeley Is Still In The Dark Ages
The Smooth Running Of KO's
Playing Darts With A LapTop
More Fun Websites
Rugeley Pubs & Darts
Record Darts Attempts
Darts Marathons
The Death Of Chalk
Beer Drinkers Be Warned!
Local Darters Involved With New Pub & Fete
Good Arrows - Film Review
A Charity Fundraiser KO
More Interest In Ladies Games?
A Guest Appearance?
The Prince Of Darts
A Fun Knock Out
Background On Barbados Darts Festival
Darts In India
Maybe Great Britain Is Not So Great
What Price Alcohol Free Darts Matches?
Electronic Scoreboards
Different Dart Boards
(Old) "Bullseye TV" Press Release
A Raised Oche With A Difference
Diamond Wire Dart Boards
Bring Back Self Adhesive Flights
Trophies Versus Money
The Case For & Against Metal Shafts
Cancelled Matches
The Need For BYE's
The Length Of A League
Games Over 3 Legs
A Presentation Night To Remember

            The Dart Pro's           

2 Lukes.
I.O.M. Darts Festival 2016
New TV Darts Game Show
Players Mistakes
Comic Relief Darts Special
Problems With Points
Jersey Festival Of Darts 2013
Darts For The Disabled
New "Darts Night" Game By Appshen
Pro Darts Champ Game (Update) - Part 2
Professional Darts Championship Game
Mark Hylton Plays Phil Taylor
Steve Beaton
Barbados Darts Festival Wayne Mardle Host 2010
Grand Slam Of Darts 2009
Vincent van der Voort
Francisca Hoenselaar
One Of The Few
Winmau World Masters 2009
Eric Bristow Biog + New Book
Sid Waddell, Darts Commentator
Coral Players Championship 2009
Brian "Pecker" Woods
More Success For Mark Hylton
Grand Slam Of Darts 2008
Anastasia Dobromyslova
Celebrity Pro/Challenge 2008
First European Darts Championship 2008
Kevin Painter Biog
Kevin Painter In Trouble
Ryan Herrington (Profile)
Barbados Darts Festival John Lowe Host 2008
Adrian "Jackpot" Lewis
Ashfaque Sayed
"Golden Girl" Trina Gulliver
Mens B.D.O. Championship 2008
Ladies B.D.O. Championship 2008
Simon Whitlock "The Wizard Of Oz"
Lichfield Open
Andy "The Hammer" Hamilton
Raymond Van Barneveld
The Latest On John Lowe
Barbados Darts Festival John Lowe Host 2007
B.D.O World Darts Championship 2007
Surprise Victory For Stompé
The Future For Phil The Power Taylor
Local Lad Takes On Taylor
Robbie Kong Green
Peter Manley
Bob Anderson
Another Win For Bristow
Phil Taylor's Dart Hand
Dave Routledge
A New Ambassador For Darts