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"Darts Night" SET FOR APP STORE LAUNCH ON 27th June!

Love your darts? Then you will love "Darts Night"! 

From the producers of the No.1 rated Professional Darts Championship comes the ultimate pub darts experience. "Darts Night" is so realistic you can almost smell the fumes of the barmaid’s rag!

Appshen’s Professional Darts Championship was released in 2011 and went on to receive an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the iTunes store. "Darts Night" swaps the glitz and glamour of PDC for the spit and sawdust of pub darts but loses nothing in its superb gameplay. What’s more, "Darts Night" is absolutely free to download.

"Darts Night" stars twelve real life pub darts players from up and down the local leagues of Great Britain, including the famous Jip The Dog, one of the only canine darts players on the planet. (AND Big AL?)

Fancy a game? Go head-to-head with some of Britain’s local league legends, real life darts exponents turned to virtual reality with varying levels of artificial intelligence. 

Challenge your friends. Play in the pub, play at work, play anywhere. With pass and play, Bluetooth and Game Center multi-player options you will never be short of a real life opponent. 

Be the king of the oche! The drinks will be on you when you’ve beaten off the challengers to claim the "Darts Night" silverware from a range of tournaments. 

Raise the bar. Put your "Darts Night" skills to the test by unlocking an array of darting achievements and posting your best scores to the "Darts Night" leadersboards. 

Hit the bullseye. "Darts Night" utilises the iPhone’s unique Dragontouch swipe mechanic to throw the darts ensuring that the game is easy for beginners and challenging for darts masters. 

With a range of game modes, including 501 and Round The Clock you will want to make every night a "Darts Night". 

"Darts Night" is an ad-supported free app which can be upgraded to an ad-free experience for just 69p with an in app purchase.

"Darts Night" will be released on the iTunes App Store on Wednesday 27th June.

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