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“Professional Darts Championship” game.

Back in October 2011 Matt Morris, of Moshen PR, sent me an E-mail concerning a press release for UK mobile game developers “Apshen” who produce the “Professional Darts Championship” game, that runs on the iPhone and iPad and can be purchased from the iTunes store.

Description of the game – (Quote;) -“Appshen’s Professional Darts Championship is the top-rated darts game on the iTunes App Store with an impressive review rating of 4.5 out of 5 from hundreds of reviews. The game is one of the few darts apps to feature Apple’s Game Center technology, allowing players to go head-to-head with fellow players around the world. Players can also unlock unique achievements, why not check how your three-dart average compares to how the ‘real’ professionals get on in the World Championships? And if you are itching to get stuck into some tournament action of your own, then you can participate in one of the three bespoke Professional Darts Championship tournaments - The Open Championship, The Masters and the World Championship.”

The E-mail read; - “Will You Be The Star Of Appshen's Next Darts Release?
Following on from the huge success of their recently released 'Professional Darts Championship', UK mobile game developers Appshen are working on their next darts title - 'Bar Darts'.
And in an exciting twist, the game's developers are calling on real darts players of all levels to be the star names in their latest release. You've heard of Phil 'The Power' Taylor, Adrian 'Jackpot' Lewis and James 'The Machine' Wade, now Appshen is looking for the best darts players' nicknames from pub leagues up and down the country to be turned into virtual players in 'Bar Darts'.

If you think your darts nickname hits the “Bullseye,” and like the idea of being turned into a virtual player on one of the planet's biggest selling darts games then this is the competition for you. Whether you are Fred 'The Ferret' or 'Dynamo' Dave, send us your full darts moniker with a recent photo and we will choose the best 16 names to star in our game as a permanent virtual player for others to go up against.

Speaking about the search for a star darts name, Appshen's CEO Graham Baines said: “We're huge fans of darts at Appshen and we believe that this has helped us produce one of the most realistic games on the market with 'Professional Darts Championship'. We hope to repeat that success with 'Bar Darts' and this competition is all about working with the darts community and involving them in the development of this game in a unique and exciting way”.

(The closing date has since passed, but I entered my name as “Big AL!” Here’s hoping for a little bit of eternal glory and fame!)(See Part 2 Update!)

Following the e-mail, I loaded up a simple advert to promote the 'Professional Darts Championship' game on the "Daily Titbits - Games" pages of the Rugeley darts League site.

December the 20th saw another E-mail from Matt; -
“Mobile phone game developer, Appshen, have hit the bulls-eye once again after reducing the price of their hugely successful app, Professional Darts Championship, to just 69p.
The price-cut, which is available when purchasing the app from the iTunes App Store, is available for a limited period only and runs alongside the hugely entertaining World Darts Championship which is currently taking place at London’s Alexandra Palace.

The festive period is a real bonus for darts fans with the PDC’s World Darts Championship followed hot on the heels by the BDO’s World Professional Darts Championship, at the turn of the year – and darts fans can celebrate these good times by downloading Professional Darts Championship to their iPhone or iPad at a significantly reduced rate.”

(For a while Apshen also gave away a number of codes for free download while the BDO’s World Professional Championship was running.)

After telling Matt that I don't use a mobile phone, but might be interested in a PC version, I received the following; -
“We’re working with a platform which will allow all our apps and games to be played through PC internet browsers, will let you know of any developments.
Cheers Matt.”

WATCH THIS SPACE! “Who knows what will come to a PC near you!”
(Big AL.)


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