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New TV Darts Game Show.

TV game shows are ten a penny with many only having small audiences and not much of a following. However, a few become very popular and gain almost cult status. “Bullseye,” was one such show and it ran very successfully for a number of years. As with all good things it eventually came to an end, although it was briefly resurrected with a new host. However, such is the demand for a darts game show on TV old repeats of “Bullseye,” are still being shown now, many years later, thus bringing the program to a new and younger darts playing audience, as well as enabling the older players like myself, to recall with fond memories, how many of the, now old, professional players, looked in their youth.

With darts firmly in mind a new game show is in the process of being made in the Autumn. (of 2015) The show is being made for Sky 1 and has the working title of “Who Darts Wins.” Its programs directors are looking for good amateur players who will captain a team that will consist of themselves, a professional PDC player, and a small number of friends/family as well to help them answer questions. 

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Closing date for applications is the end of August with filming due to start in the first couple of weeks of September. The intention is not only to screen applicants beforehand, but also to meet them, play some darts with them, have a chat about their darting background and see what sort of characters they are. Applicants must live somewhere in the UK and have never been a professional player. Program makers say they, “Need to find a good range of amateur players, who can throw decent arrows, have a good sense of fun and are ready to give it a go!” If the show is a success, and further series are made, players who were not able to get on the show at the start may be called upon to appear in later episodes as their applications will be kept on file for several years.
The prize for the competition has not been finalised yet, but as they are restricting the show to over 18’s you can be sure that money will come into it somewhere!

It promises to be a great show, and the producers say they, “Are really excited to bring a darts game show back to the TV,” after the great success that “Bullseye,” had. 


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