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Dart Board Set Up

Points For the Oche.

  1. The Oche or Toe line should be marked in some permanent manner and not be less than 2 feet long.
  2. The Lay of the Oche or floor space between thrower and board should be clear of any permanent obstacles such as gambling machines or cigarette machines.
  3. Players should not have to throw over tables and chairs which can be removed for the duration of the darts match.
  4. There should be no spectators down either side of the lay so close that they might be hit by bounce outs.
  5. A tiled floor should have a rubber mat covering it to protect the dart points with bounce outs.
  6. A wooden floor should be covered to prevent bounce outs from making holes in it.
  7. A carpet floor will wear badly with the continuous passage of feet.
  8. There should be no overhead obstacles such as low beams or lights in front of the board at such a height that players might hit them with their darts.
  9. The board should be lit with as much bright light as possible, preferably from more than one source to eliminate shadow.
  10. A good condition board should be put up for matches, taken down afterwards, used solely for matches and turned regularly to preserve it and maintain even wear.
  11. If at all possible the level of sound from music in the pub should be reduced around the throwing area.
  12. The oche should not be positioned where people have to interrupt throwers or cross the oche to get to the bar, pub toilets, outside doors, etc.
  13. A marking board should be fixed in a manner so that the player can see it easily while standing on the oche and preferably so can the spectators.
  14. The marking board should be large enough to accommodate the players score and remainder for both players.