Diary Articles By Alan J Hartley For
Wellington Fields Allotments - Hixon.

These articles were originally written by myself, an award winning garden designer, for, and sent in to, the local charity for the blind and partially sighted called, "The Stafford And Stone Talking Newspaper." They used to be sent in with my mothers monthly "Gardening Tips," articles that she did for some years until she passed away aged 95.

Hixon Year 14.
Article 240. Medlars.
Article 241. Things To Do In Winter.
Article 242. AI And Jerusalem Artichokes!
Article 243. Unusual Allotment Tools.
Article 244. Keeping Up With My Jobs.
Article 245. More Unusual Veggies.

Hixon Year 13.
Article 225 It All Starts Again.
Article 226 February.
Article 227 Cold Spells.
Article 228 Things Are Getting Better.
Article 229 More Unusual Flowers & Vegetables.
Article 230 The Plant Sale & Onwards.
Article 231 Drought Before The Storms.
Article 232 Cropping and Re-Planting.
Article 233 Flowers Going Wild.
Article 234 Problems With Weather.
Article 235 Our Latest Project - The Toilet.
Article 236 The End Of Summer.
Article 237 The End Of The Season.
Article 238 Winter Is Upon Us.
Article 239 New Possibilities.

Hixon Year 12.
Article 207 Winter Weather.
My Plot Plan Year 12.Word Doc.
Article 208 Getting Organised.
Article 209 Getting Ready.
Article 210 All Suckers Aren't Bad!
Article 211 Spring Isn't Far Away!
Article 212 Plants Everywhere!
Article 213 Time For Beans.
Article 214 June.
Article 215 Abandoned Plots.
Article 216 Tree & Plant Sale.
Article 217 July-August.
Article 218 September Vegetable Harvest.
Article 219 A Problem With Wasps.
Article 220 The Harvest Continues.
Article 221 Allotment Tree & Plant Sale.
Article 222 Thinking Of Winter.
Article 223 Things Are Still Happening.
Article 224 December/January

Special - Plant A Tree For The Jubilee.

Hixon Year 11.
Article 180 Starting Year 11.
Article 181 Some Odd Thoughts.
Article 182 Still Tidying Up.
Article 183 Seed Sowing Again.
Article 184 Going Into March.
Article 185 Exotics.
Article 186 April - Lots Of New Plants.
Article 187 Germination Extra.
Article 188 Using Our Own Compost.
Article 189 April Frosts & Blossom.
Article 190 Asparagus.
Article 191 May & The Fundraiser.
Article 192 10 Year Celebration Fundraiser.
Article 193 Warming Up At Last.
Article 194 The Fruit Trees Live!
Article 195 Community Orchards.
Article 196 Under Valued Plants.
Article 197 Summer Jobs.
Article 198 Soft Fruit Harvest.
Article 199 Harvesting Vegetables.
Article 200 Summer Is Ending.
Article 201 Autumn - October.
Article 202 Late October.
Article 203 November.
Article 204 Our Homemade Compost.
Article 205 December.
Article 206 The End & The Beginning.

Hixon Year Ten.
Article 159 Onions And Vines.
Article 160 Changing Times.
Article 161 A Year To Remember.
Article 162 Late Frosts And Tender Plants.
Article 163 My New Beds.
Article 164 Lost Crops And Late Sowing.
Article 165 Erratic Rains and Re-using.
Article 166 Growing From Divisions & Seeds.
Article 167 Wood-Chip & Tidying Up.
Article  168 Some Interesting Harvesting.
Article 169 Some Last Minute Jobs Of Summer.
Article 170 Preparing My Green-House For Winter.
Article 171 Late October.
Article 172 Moving Trees.
Article 173 Swiss Chard.
Article 174 Clover
Article 175 Some Odd Jobs.
Article 176 Some More Odd Jobs.
Article 177 December.
Article 178 Compost Storage Area.
Article 179 Winter Has Come.

Hixon Year Nine
Article 147 The Start Of Year 9 
Article 148 Things Really Get Moving.
Article 149 Still Growing The Unusual! 
Article 150 June. Everything Is Coming Up.......!
Article 151 Rain Rain Go Away......July.
Article 152 More Harvesting.
Article 153 Autumn Comes.
Article 154 Drawing To A Close.
Article 155 Settling Into An Early Winter
Article 156 Time For Maintenance.
Article 157 Jobs For Winter.
Article 158 Moving Time For Trees.

Hixon Year Eight
Article 132 Starting The New Season.
Article 133 Allotment Food Special.
Article 134 Some Early Propagation.
Article 135 New Beginnings.
Article 136 A Late Season.
Article 137 Not So Bad After All!
Article 138 A Drought?
Article 139 Fruit Time Again.
Article 140 Coping With The Drought.
Article 141 The Start Of Autumn.
Article 142 October.
Article 143 the End Of The Harvest.
Article 144 Composting Everything.
Article 145 January And Seed Sowing.
Article 146 Winter Won't Last Long!

Blog - My New Garden.

Hixon Year Seven
Article 114 Propagation Special.
Article 115 Working With Fruit Trees.
Article 116 Sowing Some Unusual Seeds.
Article 117 The End Of Cold Nights.
Article 118 More Fun Dividing Plants.
Article 119 Late Frosts.
Article 120 Garlic And Asparagus.
Article 121 Problems With A New Plot.
Article 122 Some Successes And Failures.
Article 123 Some Problems With Water.
Article 124 Success With Trees.
Article 125 On With More Crops.
Article 126 Some late Pruning & Spare Plants.
Article 127 A Good Harvest.
Article 128 Fruit Harvest Round Up.
Article 129 Still Things To Be Done.
Article 130 Time For Maintenance Jobs.
Article 131 Time To Get Organised.

Hixon Year Six
Article 91 Starting Another Season.
Article 92 Seed Sowing In Earnest.
Article 93 Non Stop Harvesting.
Article 94 Onions And More.
Article 95 More Unusual Seed Sowing
Article 96 Herbs - Seeds And Cuttings.
Article 97 Starting Tender Allotment Plants.
Article 98 Into May
Article 99 Early Crops.
Article 100 Some Seasonal Work.
Article 101 More Fun With Herbs.
Article 102 Vegetables Doing Nicely.
Article 103 Flowers On My Allotment.
Article 104 The Fruit Harvest.
Article 105 Another New Vegetable.
Article 106 The End Of Summer.
Article 107 Planting Bulbs.
Article 108 Interesting Climbers.
Article 109 Winter's Coming.
Article 110 Jobs Indoors.
Article 111 Jobs For January.
Article 112 On A Nice Winters Day
Article 113 Spring Planting Of Flowers.

Hixon Year Five
Article 69 Over Winter.
Article 70 Out With The Old.
Article 71 Late Frosts.
Article 72 Problems With Fruit Trees & Bushes.
Article 73 Emptying The Cold Frames.
Article 74 Later Plantings For The Unusual.
Article 75 Harvesting The Fruit?
Article 76 Yet More Fruit?
Article 77 Fun With Fruit Trees.
Article 78 Making Use Of Propagators.
Article 79 Lots Of Flowers.
Article 80 In The Best Tradition.
Article 81 Moving Out Of  Summer.
Article 82 Jobs For Autumn.
Article 83 More Jobs For Autumn.
Article 84 Jams And Chutneys.
Article 85 Thinking Of Winter & Next Season.
Article 86 Last Harvest Of The Unusual.
Article 87 Beware Of Buying Mail Order!
Article 88 December.
Article 89 Keeping Busy In The Winter.
Article 90 Spring Is Not Far Away.

Hixon Year Four
Article 50 An Early Harvest
Article 51 Starting The New Season.
Article 52 Another New Plot.
Article 53 Trouble With Wind.
Article 54 The Power Of Advertising.
Article 55 The Pleasures Of Nature!
Article 56 Problems With Weeds.
Article 57 Edging My Plot.
Article 58 Planting For The Future.
Article 59 The Soft Fruit Harvest.
Article 60 More Maintenance And Construction Work.
Article 61 Autumn Fruits.
Article 62 Planting More Raspberries And Exotics.
Article 63 Yet More Late Fruit Harvesting.
Article 64 A New Cold Frame And Tool Box.
Article 65 More Success With the Unusual.
Article 66 Little Success With Flowers.
Article 67 Double Cropping.
Article 68 Winter Has Come.

More Diary Articles -
Oak Tree Farm Rural Project.

Hixon Year Three
Article 37 Spring Is Coming
Article 38 Clearing The Rubbish
Article 39 Planting More Unusual Vegetables
Article 40 Planting Flowers To Cut For The House
Article 41 Problems At The Start Of The Season
Article 42 Harvesting The Fruit
Article 43 Winter Crops
Article 44 Harvesting The Vegetables
Article 45 Preparing For The Winter
Article 46 The Last Of The Harvesting
Article 47 Yet More New Vegetables
Article 48 A Bit Of Experimenting With Fruit
Article 49 Planting More Fruit

Hixon Year TWO.
Article 13 The Allotments And the Sites Rules.
Article 14 Perennial Vegetables.
Article 15 Growing Problems.
Article 16 Rushing In Where Fools, etc!
Article 17 The Jubilee Fete.
Article 18 Scorzonera - An Old Fashioned Root Vegetable
Article 19 A Load Of Manure And A New Compost Heap
Article 20 Lots Of Wind And Wet
Article 21 More Interest In Vegetables
Article 22 Seeds And Propagation
Article 23 The Wet Continues!
Article 24 Success With Fig Trees
Article 25 Fun With Strawberries
Article 26 Making And Repairing Cloches
Article 27 Weeds & Other Pests
Article 28 Harvesting
Article 29 Disease And Pest Resistant Varieties.
Article 30 Autumn Has Come
Article 31 Some Autumn Planting
Article 32 Mixed Success With Some Exotic Vegetables
Article 33 Flowers On The Allotment
Article 34 Bad Weather And Frosts.
Article 35 A Few Winter Jobs.
Article 36 Waiting For The New Season.

Hixon Year ONE.
Article 1 Preparing For Our New Allotment.
Article 2 Planting At Last.
Article 3 Moles and Rain At Last.
Article 4 The Birds & Bees, Scarecrows & Our Vicar!
Article 5 Starting To Harvest.
Article 6 Some Fun Plants For the Allotment!
Article 7 Some More New Plants.
Article 8 A Glut of Everything.
Article 9 Winter Is Coming.
Article 10 Thinking About Vegetables In The Winter.
Article 11 The Start Of Seed Sowing Time And The Beginnings Of New Life.
Article 12 Yet More Fruit Trees.