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(The allotment articles that were written for this site concerned it's first year of operations. Unfortunately, as the second year started, the site owner was told to cease operating the site as allotments without all of the official sanctions being obeyed and many planning regulations being complied with. Seeing a lot of costs and little return, the owner decided not to jump through a lot of red tape and instead had the site cleared and turned it over to grazing paddocks for the families ponies.)

There are only 16 plots at the moment and being a new site the plots will require some work, but the field has been ploughed and more plots may be made available.

Plots are 50ft x 20ft and rental cost is £100 per year. Water is available on the site and there is secure, but easy access, with no steep slopes. Being a commercial site, allotments are open for anybody to rent and are not restricted by the plot holder’s residential area.

A very Big Bonus to the site is the fact that Amerton Farm & Craft Shop with a Café and Toilets, is literally on the other side of the road!

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