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Cotinus Coggygria - Smoke Bush Tree.

Cotinus Coggygria is sometimes called Rhus Cotinus, or Dyer’s Sumach. This is because it is related to Rhus Typhina, or the “Stag’s Horn Sumach.” However, although it has some of the characteristics of the Stags Horn Sumach it is not at all invasive like the Stags Horn. We had a Smoke Bush in my Mothers garden for many years and it was never a problem.
Cotinus grows in a broad region from Southern Europe across Asia and right into China, although it is widely cultivated in gardens the world over. This deciduous shrub, or small tree, only grows up to around 8m as a maximum with some varieties being much smaller. Cotinus has an average growth rate and takes something like 5-10 years to reach full maturity. Several cultivars exist and most have the characteristic dark purple leaves, although some have golden leaves and plain green varieties also exist. However, all varieties have spectacular autumn colours with their leaves turning a vivid yellow orange as Summer ends.
As with just about all plants Cotinus do produce flowers, but theirs are insignificant in themselves. However, with a little imagination, the whispy colourful growth that the flowers are on, looks like swirls of coloured smoke hanging around the bush, the same dark colour as the dark purple leaves. It is so decorative that many flower arrangers like to cut bunches of it to use in their displays. After the flowers come tiny, unappealing, berry like fruit.
Cotinus are easy to grow as they will grow just about anywhere and in any soil as long as it is not water logged. Bushes can be pruned in early spring to shape them up and in fact if a bush is getting too big they can be pruned very hard and they will respond well with new growth.
Generally pest and disease free bushes can suffer from Verticillium Wilt which is a Fungal Disease. Adding to the fact that no part of the plant is poisonous and Bees and other Pollinators like it, Cotinus Coggrygia, or the Smoke Bush Tree, makes a lovely choice for the smaller garden.



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