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Cytisus Battandieri - Pineapple or Moroccan Broom.

Cytisus Battandieri, commonly known as the Pineapple Broom, because its flowers are highly scented of Pineapple and are reminiscent of those of Broom, is also known as the Moroccan Broom due to the fact that is its natural home. It has silvery, greyish leaves and is a small, slow growing tree reaching only 4 metres, or so, making it ideal for the average back garden. This tree is semi evergreen only losing its leaves in a cold winter. Cytisus Banttandieri likes a sunny, well drained spot and is fairly drought resistant , but may really suffer if the soil gets waterlogged in Winter months. As with many flowering plants, pruning should be carried out only after the very pretty, yellow flowers, that are held erect in 6 inches clusters, or racemes, have finished. This tough little tree has few problems, or pests other than gall mites, that might infect it.



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