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Davidia Involucrata - Handkerchief Tree.

Davidia Involucrata is the only member of its Genus and is a medium sized tree that grows fairly quickly taking between 20 and 50 years to reach its full height of around 60 - 80 feet. Although it is some 15 20 years before it is fully mature from seed, it may well produce flowers at a much younger age.
Davidia Involucrata is native to China, but due to its appeal it is widely grown and can be found in many parks and gardens the World over. What makes the tree so attractive is the large white Bracts that surround its small, purplish red, flowers. These bracts give rise to its common names of Handkerchief Tree, Dove Tree, or Ghost Tree, as with a bit of imagination that is what the 8 inch Bracts look like when they flutter in the wind. The flowers start to appear at the end of April, but it is not usually until later in May that the tree puts on its best show. The fruit that follows the flowers, is about 1 inch across and is a hard nut that contains the seeds. These can be germinated, but may well take over 2 years to start into growth.
The Handkerchief Tree is deciduous with heart shaped leaves that are not poisonous to animals if they eat them.
Not liking dry conditions, or particularly exposed windy sites, Davidia are surprisingly hardy and are resistant to most things including even honey fungus.
Trees can be pruned after flowering, but it is best done in late winter when the trees are dormant because their sap will bleed.



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