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Elaeagnus Angustifolia - Russian Olive Oleaster.

To most people an Elaeagnus is an evergreen garden shrub, but there are bigger varieties that grow into small trees up to around 20 feet such as Angustifolia and some even have small, edible fruit or berries that not only the wildlife like to eat, but are palatable to humans. Often looking like a wild Cherry the berry of Angustifolia in particular, is orange red and sweet but only about inch across. Supposedly, the fruit has healing properties and can be used in the treatment of certain Kidney problems and Gastric disorders as well as helping to heal wounds. Plants may flower and fruit from only about 3 years old as all Elaeagnus grow quickly. Their flowers are both pretty and aromatic adding to the attraction of these popular garden plants. Also because they are fast growing many varieties make good hedges especially as they can be a bit thorny. Their thick, evergreen and often variegated leaves, give them year round interest. Elaeagnus are very tough and drought resistant thriving in poor soils, when they have got established, and they are able to withstand very low temperatures, but they can drop their leaves and take on the guise of a deciduous tree in excessive cold when it gets below -20c.
It is because of this toughness, rapid growth and quick maturity that they can become invasive if allowed to spread into the wild unchecked. Indeed they have become naturalised in many parts of the world and are native to most of Asia including Russia and India.



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