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Euonymus Europaeus – Spindle Tree.

Euonymous are a large family of plants well known to the average Gardener as they are one of the more popular shrubs to be found in many gardens. Their leaves are often variegated and evergreen, and plants are sometimes used to make hedges, but many people aren’t familiar with one particular specimen called a “Spindle Tree,” or Euonymus Europaeus. As its name suggests, this small tree is native to Europe, but it can be found in many other countries as well as it has been spread by gardeners and naturalised. This colourful little, deciduous tree rarely grows much more than 3 metres and has been well known for its wood for centuries. Wood-turners have long made “Spindles,” for chair backs and balustrades out of it, (Hence its common name) as well as Knitting Needles and it is also used for carving.

Euonymus Europaeus has much to offer a small back garden with its colourful Flowers, or to be more correct, Bracts, that are followed by very pretty clusters of pink Berries that wildlife life love, but which are poisonous to us. In the Autumn its small leaves turn a vivid red colour giving the tree added interest.



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