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Paulownia Tomentosa.

Paulownia Tomentosa is native to China, but is becoming naturalised in much of Europe. This deciduous tree is very fast growing and large reaching up to some 80 feet in height with a broad canopy. It is generally pest free and also a very tough tree being able to survive wildfires and regenerate a new trunk from the roots upwards after the tree has been burned down. Partly due to its indestructibility the tree is becoming invasive in north America in areas where it has been planted.
Commonly called the “Fox Glove Tree,” due to its flowers being reminiscent of those of the Fox Glove, it is also known as “The Empress Tree,” and in Japan, as “The Princess Tree.” This comes from the tradition of planting seeds when a couple have daughter. By the time the daughter is ready to marry, the tree has grown and is felled with the wood being made into a dresser as a wedding gift. Not only is the Hardwood Timber of Paulownia useful, but its leaves are very good at absorbing pollutants and give a high carbon capture.
The Heart shaped leaves on the young shoots are bigger than those on mature wood and can be up to 24 cm across. For this reason and due to its size, it is quite common to Coppice or Pollard Paulownia thus causing the tree to produce even bigger leaves that are similar to those of the Catalpa to which it is related. If you want to prune them they are best pruned in late autumn to slow their growth. Pruning will however, stop flowering as the Paulownia only produces flowers on mature wood. Their violet/blue flowers come in the spring and are very fragrant appearing in panicles before the leaves. Thousands of tiny, winged seeds are the result of flowering and are produced in a poisonous, dry, fruit capsule about 1 ˝ inch across full of seeds. Trees can be easily grown from seeds, but young trees are susceptible to frost whereas older trees are much hardier.



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