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Installing A Large External Screen Onto A Small Lap Top.
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All modern Lap Tops, however big or small, now have a VGA connection socket on them somewhere. This means that if you want to, you can connect a large, external viewing screen or projector to display things more easily than on the small Lap Top screen. With Lap Tops that have Windows 7 installed, the computer sets everything up as soon as you connect the second screen, optimising all settings and giving an instant display. However, if you want to adjust settings you should Go To - Control Panel - Hardware And Sound - Devices And Printers - Right Click -Display Settings. In the screen display you can readily adjust the Resolution and Display/Extend Manually, etc.

If you have the old Windows XP operating system on your Lap Top everything is slightly more complicated. The second screen may be functional straight away, but displays differently. The Pre Sets will probably display the second screen as being next to your Lap Topís. That is to say if you move your mouse off to the right of your Lap Tops screen it will appear on the second screen as if by magic. Think of big multiple screen displays at pop concerts where the picture is displayed over several screens. On many machines you will have to optimise the settings and screen resolution manually. To do this - GO TO - Control Panel Ė Display Ė Settings- Tick Extend My Windows Desktop. (This will make the second screen active if it isnít already.) You will see two boxes with the numbers 1 and 2 on. NOTE their position, as these refer to the Lap Top no 1 and external monitor no 2. If you want to change their display position, they can be Clicked and dragged. If no 1 is next to 2 it means that the mouse will move from the laptop screen 1 to the right onto screen 2 external. If they are above each other the mouse will move from the top of one screen onto the bottom of the other. To change the display resolutions, on one screen or the other, simply click on the number you wish to change and alter the settings with the slider. You will probably need to do this if one is wide screen and the other is not. On the old fashioned screen size you will then get a blank colour bar at the top and bottom of that screen, but you will not lose any of the picture.

When you want to display a program on the external screen, open up your program and click onto the top of the programs display frame/box so that you can drag the whole screen display off your Lap Top screen onto the External Screen. If you work this way, do remember before closing the program to PUT BACK THE DISPLAY as it should be on your Lap Top otherwise may never be able to find it again! (Unless you go back into Control Panel Etc.)