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Other Things To Do With Pictures

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There are all sorts of things that you can do with pictures that may not immediately come to mind when playing with digital pictures, printer and computer for the first time. For many years I have been involved with fish keeping and had fish tanks. In an ordinary house they need constant cleaning out and if any sunshine falls on the glass it will turn green every two or three days after cleaning. If the tank is kept in a kitchen it is not so bad splashing water around, but anywhere else in the house it is a nuisance. I was fed up with the constant troubles with my fish tanks so I had an idea for a DRY fish tank. The picture of my tank below shows a normal looking tank, but the fish are not real and there is no water in it. The fish and newt are actually computer clip art pictures that have been printed out on light card in my ordinary printer and then carefully cut out round the shape of the fish and fins. The FISH have then been stuck onto fine florists wire with sticky tape and the wire embedded into the gravel at the bottom of the tank to hold it erect. A few suitable plastic plants and ornaments and the effect is complete. A fish tank that never gets dirty, the fish don't need feeding and above all they never die. You can also "Buy" new fish whenever you want at no great expense! The tank is really a piece of furniture as it is built into a large wooden cabinet and now always looks smart. Most visitors do a double take when they look into the tank for the first time. "Is that fish alright, it's not moving?" They usually say before they realise!

This tank was set up some months ago with freshwater fish along with a newt and snail, (not visible in this picture) but I am just about to try and set up another tank upstairs as a marine tank with crabs, sea-horses, sea weed and whatever else springs to mind and that I can find pictures for! Of course the other advantage of a dry fish tank is that it is a lot lighter in weight for keeping upstairs.

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