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GIF Animations

Apart from for business use and web-sites you might think that you have no use for Animated GIF's, but this is not true. Yes they can only be used with the programme called Power Point off the Internet, but an E-Mail actually goes over the Internet and they are great fun to send to friends instead of a boring still picture in your E-mails. A Christmas/Birthday greeting can bring a smile to anyone;-



With the old Outlook Express E-Mail programme I believe that the Default settings enabled pictures to be inserted directly into E-mails, whereas the newer Outlook and Windows Mail may have their default settings set to Plain Text or Rich Text. If they are they can be altered easily by following the next instructions;-

Go To;-

Tools, Options, Mail Format,    THEN READ     "Send In This Message Format" and on right of it select From Drop Down Box (Arrow On Right,)    "HTML"    NOT      "Rich Text" or "Plain Text". Accept the facility to edit with WORD if offered and then the INSERT, INSERT PICTURE option should be activated on the next new E-mail that you send.

The other use on the Internet for Animations is Web Sites and you may think that you won't ever have your own web site, but if you have a "Facebook" page "Friends ReUnited" listing or even an advert on "E-Bay" you already have a web page that you could put GIF Animations on and there are many others when you think about it!!!



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