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GIF Animations

To download any picture from the Internet all you have to do is right click on the picture, select save picture and select the destination to save it to on your computer. It will probably be best to save it to a new folder in your My Pictures folder. Normal GIF type pictures save almost instantly with Broadband and in only a few seconds with Dial Up, but more detailed photographs on the Net can be quite large files anything up to One Meg or more and will obviously take much longer. Remember One Meg files take 8 Seconds or more on a One Meg download connection because one is measured  in Bits and the other in Bytes.

Obviously ALL PICTURES are in theory COPYRIGHT on the Net, but common sense about what you download should prevent upsetting anybody. Some sites will actually invite you to download. Perhaps you should not be told this, but pictures on some sites are locked somehow to prevent downloading and there is a simple trick that usually works and overcomes this.

If you Go To the Toolbar at the top of the screen you will see a box labeled "Page" then go to "Save As"     READ    "Saves As Type"    Select Drop Down Arrow and change from default setting of "Web Page Archive Single File"    to    "Web Page Complete."

This will save the page to your Hard Drive as a page and also as a folder labeled the same. If you go to that folder after you come off the Internet you should find the pictorial components of the page you saved in there as separate picture files. These picture files can then be used as any other picture, but you should be reminded that they were locked on the web-site to prevent this! Picture components in the folder may also include non copy right items on the same page such as arrows and other symbols. Very occasionally web-pages are locked to prevent saving in this manner and in this case the pictures will not appear in the folder after saving. If you simply go to the Web Page in question and carefully highlight the individual picture as you would normal text, then go to the toolbar above and select PAGE, the COPY function will be highlighted, Click on it then open a WORD Doc and simply PASTE as normal to put the picture in the Document where it can be edited. There are other more complicated ways of accessing pictures from the Net, but they get even more technical!!!

Here are some more pictures for you to play with.