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Internet Connection Speeds

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With early Internet connections you did not have the facility of being able to use your phone landline while you were on the Internet, but of course now, with Broadband you install a simple splitter that divides the cable connection at your wall plug so that you can surf the net and still use your phone. This can be very useful if you have a problem with something on your computer and want to phone a call centre whilst being on-line!

The main thing about Internet Connection speeds is that most people don't realise that internet speeds are usually measured in BITS, not BYTES as used for normal computer files. There are 8 BITS in one BYTE so consequently when people download files from the Internet that are measured in BYTES, the files take 8 times as long to download as they think they will. With some providers the speed of your connection gets slower when their system becomes overloaded and other providers will deliberately slow down your connection if you over use it by constantly downloading large files like music or video. (Including watching Internet TV!)

Broadband Internet connection speeds can vary dramatically almost from house to house in the same road even with the same internet provider and in the bad old days you very often did not get anywhere near the speed that was initially quoted by your provider, although many providers are now trying to clean up their act and quote a realistic speed for your line. Before you actually switch provider (if you already have a connection) some will offer the facility to test your connection speed. Below is a little speed tester that will test your connection speed at the time you are actually using it and you may well find that a later test will give a different result.