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About The Author
Authors Notes
Your First Pond
Trees & Sunshine
Take The Plunge
Preformed Pools
Installing A Liner
Making A Raised Pool
A Koi Pond
Miniature Ponds
Adding A Waterfall
Colourful Ponds
Choosing A Pump
Solar Powered Pumps
Looking After A Pump
Pond Pipework
Installing A Fountain
Self-Contained Fountains
The Leaky Pond
Planting The Pond
A Wildlife Pond
A Bog Garden
Pond Plants
Plants Round A Pond
Choosing A Lily
Floating Plants
Water Hyacinth
Oxygenating Plants
About Fish
When To Buy Fish
Choosing Fish
Quarantining Fish
Fish Under Stress
Feeding Your Fish
Holidays & Fish
Breeding Coldwater Fish
Changing Colours Of Fish
Pond Fish
A Koi Collection
Ghost Koi
Fancy Goldfish
Coldwater Catfish
Grass Carp
Rearing Trout
Swan Mussels
Visitors To The Pond
Visiting A Koi Auction
Clubs & Societies
Caring For Fish
Testing The Water
Are You Poisoning Your Fish
Ponds & Medicines
Diseases & Parasites
Disappearing Fish
Problems With Herons
Green Ponds
Fish Pond Filters
How A Filter Works
Improving Your Filter
Ultra Violet Sterilizers
Looking After A Filter
The Pond Through The Year
Spring Cleaning
Pond Plants In Spring
Ponds In Summer
Autumn & Winter
Breaking The Ice
10 Problems
Useful Facts & Figures

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About The Author

Since leaving school with a good general education, Alan Hartley has had an interesting and varied career. The sometime bank clerk, lifeguard, nurseryman and fish-keeper eventually entered the family business of nurserymen with a thriving garden centre.

As a diversification, Alan began keeping fish in the nursery's water system reservoir and a natural progression soon saw him selling fish. There were relatively few aquatic retail outlets and expansion of his fish department came quickly, rapidly making it an important facet of the garden centre.

The philosophy of growing all the stock plants in house was followed as far as was practical with pond plants bought in as cuttings and grown on for sale. After his parents retired, Alan studied for the City & Guilds of London Institute Certificate in Pet Store Management in order to become licensed to run his own aquatic outlet at another garden centre. Whilst there, he began writing articles for the Pets column in the local newspaper in which he advertised. The response to these many contributions to the newspaper, encouraged Alan Hartley to assemble them and to edit them into book form and they now form the basis of this book, The Installation And Maintenance Of Fish Ponds.