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About The Author
Authors Notes
Your First Pond
Trees & Sunshine
Take The Plunge
Preformed Pools
Installing A Liner
Making A Raised Pool
A Koi Pond
Miniature Ponds
Adding A Waterfall
Colourful Ponds
Choosing A Pump
Solar Powered Pumps
Looking After A Pump
Pond Pipework
Installing A Fountain
Self-Contained Fountains
The Leaky Pond
Planting The Pond
A Wildlife Pond
A Bog Garden
Pond Plants
Plants Round A Pond
Choosing A Lily
Floating Plants
Water Hyacinth
Oxygenating Plants
About Fish
When To Buy Fish
Choosing Fish
Quarantining Fish
Fish Under Stress
Feeding Your Fish
Holidays & Fish
Breeding Coldwater Fish
Changing Colours Of Fish
Pond Fish
A Koi Collection
Ghost Koi
Fancy Goldfish
Coldwater Catfish
Grass Carp
Rearing Trout
Swan Mussels
Visitors To The Pond
Visiting A Koi Auction
Clubs & Societies
Caring For Fish
Testing The Water
Are You Poisoning Your Fish
Ponds & Medicines
Diseases & Parasites
Disappearing Fish
Problems With Herons
Green Ponds
Fish Pond Filters
How A Filter Works
Improving Your Filter
Ultra Violet Sterilizers
Looking After A Filter
The Pond Through The Year
Spring Cleaning
Pond Plants In Spring
Ponds In Summer
Autumn & Winter
Breaking The Ice
10 Problems
Useful Facts & Figures

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Authors Notes

This Website, has been constructed from the original “Book Of Fish Ponds,” by myself, Alan J Hartley.

A Paperback version of the book is still available to buy, but it is no longer available as an E-book. The original book has been split into two E-books and I have removed the pictures from the original pond book as well as making a few corrections, additions and updates to the text, where I felt they were needed. The actual size of the text has been increased to make the book more suitable as an E-book and the page size has been standardized to fit in with the rest of the range of books written and published by myself.

The two replacement E-books called “Stocking and Caring For Your Pond,” and "The Installation And Maintenance Of Fishponds," are both available from "Google Books," or "Google Play," as it is now called. (Link To More Books By Alan J Hartley)