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Fish Clubs And Societies

Fish keeping can become more than just a case of having a pond in the garden, or a little fish tank holding a couple of goldfish for the kids to look after. It can become quite a full time hobby with the building of large ponds with complicated filter systems, or indeed for the indoor aquarist, it could mean the conversion of the garage into a fish house holding many tanks. If this is how the bug has caught you, you might like to meet like-minded people. This can be done at one of the several societies that exist not too far away and there will be others sometimes seen featured in one or other of the Aquatic magazines.

These societies hold shows where you can exhibit your prized Koi, or Black Moor, or whatever alongside other fish and stand the chance of gaining recognition for your efforts in looking after your fish. Also the societies hold lectures from time to time on various aspects of fish keeping by well-known aquatic figures, or by representatives of various manufacturers on their products and how they work.

Occasionally the societies organize day trips out to places of interest such as fish farms. If you are interested in joining a society, the best way to contact one is through a hobby magazine on fish keeping, who will only be to glad to give you their address.