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Ghost Koi

In recent years more and more aquatic retailers have started selling a fish of the carp family called a Ghost Koi. This is a misnomer as the true ghost Koi is a thoroughbred Koi which changes colour as the season changes from Spring to Summer to Autumn and Winter. The fish sold as Ghost Koi do not do this. They remain a dark coloured fish with bright highlights of either white or gold, nor are they true Koi. They are nevertheless a very attractive fish.

A more correct name for these fish would be Ghost Carp as they are indeed a cross between the common carp and a white, or gold Koi.

They take a little of the colour of the Koi, but the strength and resistance to disease of the common carp. This makes them much better survivors than thoroughbred Koi carp which have been inbred so much that many diseases take a heavy toll on them. Ghost koi are a streamlined fish but are also full bodied and will develop a large belly on them as they mature. They mature sexually at about 1 foot, or 30 cm in length.

The ghost Koi grows very fast and is a prodigious eater just like Koi with all the same habits. In good conditions they can grow up to 2 or 3 feet or more in length and weigh 30 or 40 pounds. Because of their size they need plenty of space but will survive in quite cramped conditions and unlike Koi are not so fussy about water quality. They will eat just about anything and will quite happily eat most plants. They are also foragers and will uproot water lilies as fast as you can replant them.

Like their cousins, Koi carp, they will become tame and eventually, with regular feeding, will swim up to you when you feed them and take food from your fingers. Indeed they will mix in a pond very well together with Koi and if permitted will inter breed. This is not to be recommended as the progeny will be a poor mixture of fish. As the Ghost Koi is a cross, the quality of colour markings is very varied and you need to select your fish carefully when buying as they will not get any better markings when they get older. They are a very popular fish and good marketing has helped their sales. Most aquatic retailers sell them and they vary in price from about 1.00 for a small fish up to 30.00 or 40.00 for a large specimen.