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Holidays And Fish

If you are planning to go away on holiday for a while there are several steps you can take to ensure the health and well being of your fish. If the fish are in a pond then clean out any obvious rubbish and carry out a partial water change before you go away. If the fish are kept in a tank then it is probably a good idea to clean it out completely a few days before your departure so it has chance to settle again before being left.

Another simple precaution you can take when leaving your fish for any length of time is not to add any new fish to your tank or pond within a month prior to going away. If you do add new fish and there is anything wrong with them the least that could happen is that they die and pollute the tank/pond. The worst is that the disease that they had could spread to the rest of your fish and kill them all while you are away on holiday.

The most important thing when leaving fish is donít leave food with a neighbor unless they keep fish themselves. Overfeeding can lead to pollution very quickly and many subsequent problems. Fish in a well-established pond can safely be left to forage for themselves for many weeks as they will find insects, algae and even some plant-life palatable.

Well fed goldfish in a tank can be left for a couple of weeks as they will survive on body reserves, but fry and tropical fish will be in greater need of food as they are more active and have less reserves. In this case an automatic feeder may be a good investment. They are available for tanks and ponds and work best with stick foods or pellets.

Another cheaper means of providing food for your fish while you are away on holiday are feeding blocks. These are available as very small ones for aquariums for a week end, larger ones for up to two weeks and bigger ones still to go in the pond. They consist of food particles, minerals, essential vitamins and water stabilizers to help keep the water sweet, Most aquatic retailers stock them along with automatic feeders and will be only to happy to give you further advice on leaving your fish.