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Installing A Liner
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A Koi Pond
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Adding A Waterfall
Colourful Ponds
Choosing A Pump
Solar Powered Pumps
Looking After A Pump
Pond Pipework
Installing A Fountain
Self-Contained Fountains
The Leaky Pond
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A Wildlife Pond
A Bog Garden
Pond Plants
Plants Round A Pond
Choosing A Lily
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Water Hyacinth
Oxygenating Plants
About Fish
When To Buy Fish
Choosing Fish
Quarantining Fish
Fish Under Stress
Feeding Your Fish
Holidays & Fish
Breeding Coldwater Fish
Changing Colours Of Fish
Pond Fish
A Koi Collection
Ghost Koi
Fancy Goldfish
Coldwater Catfish
Grass Carp
Rearing Trout
Swan Mussels
Visitors To The Pond
Visiting A Koi Auction
Clubs & Societies
Caring For Fish
Testing The Water
Are You Poisoning Your Fish
Ponds & Medicines
Diseases & Parasites
Disappearing Fish
Problems With Herons
Green Ponds
Fish Pond Filters
How A Filter Works
Improving Your Filter
Ultra Violet Sterilizers
Looking After A Filter
The Pond Through The Year
Spring Cleaning
Pond Plants In Spring
Ponds In Summer
Autumn & Winter
Breaking The Ice
10 Problems
Useful Facts & Figures

Allotment Articles1.
Allotment Articles 2.

Useful Facts And Figures

1 Cubic Foot = 6.25 Gallons = 62.5 Ibs
1 Cubic Foot = 25 kilos
1 Cubic Metre =35 Cubic Feet
1 cubic Metre = 220 Gallons =2200 Ibs Or 1 Ton
1 cubic Metre = 1000 Kilos
10 Litres = 2.2 Gallons
1 Gallon = 4.5 Litres
1 Gallon = 10 Ibs
1 Gallon = 4.5 Kilos

Pump running costs, 100 watts @ 20p KWH per week
100w x 24hrs x 7 days = 17 KWH
ie, 17 KWH units of elec cost 3.40
ie, 1 watt costs 3 P per week
continuous pumping,

Measuring Liner Size,
(Length of hole +Double depth +1 foot) By ( Width of
hole + double depth + 1foot)
eg, Hole 6x4 Depth 2 feet
= ( 6 + 4 + 1) By ( 4 + 4 + 1)
= 11 feet By 9 feet

To calculate cost at cost per square foot, eg, 60P
Multiply cost by total length of liner by total width,
is, 11x9 = 99 by cost per square foot
= 99 x60P
= 59.40