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About The Author
Authors Notes
Your First Pond
Trees & Sunshine
Take The Plunge
Preformed Pools
Installing A Liner
Making A Raised Pool
A Koi Pond
Miniature Ponds
Adding A Waterfall
Colourful Ponds
Choosing A Pump
Solar Powered Pumps
Looking After A Pump
Pond Pipework
Installing A Fountain
Self-Contained Fountains
The Leaky Pond
Planting The Pond
A Wildlife Pond
A Bog Garden
Pond Plants
Plants Round A Pond
Choosing A Lily
Floating Plants
Water Hyacinth
Oxygenating Plants
About Fish
When To Buy Fish
Choosing Fish
Quarantining Fish
Fish Under Stress
Feeding Your Fish
Holidays & Fish
Breeding Coldwater Fish
Changing Colours Of Fish
Pond Fish
A Koi Collection
Ghost Koi
Fancy Goldfish
Coldwater Catfish
Grass Carp
Rearing Trout
Swan Mussels
Visitors To The Pond
Visiting A Koi Auction
Clubs & Societies
Caring For Fish
Testing The Water
Are You Poisoning Your Fish
Ponds & Medicines
Diseases & Parasites
Disappearing Fish
Problems With Herons
Green Ponds
Fish Pond Filters
How A Filter Works
Improving Your Filter
Ultra Violet Sterilizers
Looking After A Filter
The Pond Through The Year
Spring Cleaning
Pond Plants In Spring
Ponds In Summer
Autumn & Winter
Breaking The Ice
10 Problems
Useful Facts & Figures

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When your children's fish have outgrown the goldfish bowl and your children are of an age to take a further interest in fish- keeping, then you may decide to buy a fishpond. Perhaps you want to add a fishpond as another dimension to your garden for your own benefit. Water features are increasingly popular for their own sake and for the variety of garden birds and other creatures they attract. You may decide to embellish your pond with a fountain and, perhaps, have lights playing on it in the Autumn. Or you may want to increase the variety of plants that you can grow in the expanded environment of the wider ranging conditions that a pond offers.

Whatever your reasons, for, adding a pond, to your garden, this book contains invaluable information on, everything from self- contained fountains to large, formal Koi ponds. “The Installation and Maintenance of Fish Ponds,” gives a great deal of information on such essentials as pumps and how to operate and maintain them. A lot of facts are also included on up-to-date filtration methods that are not to be found in many other contemporary works.

A chapter on pond care through the seasons from Spring-cleaning to Winter dormancy is designed to allay common anxieties amongst novice fish-keepers. 

To round off, ten common problems that face newcomers to the hobby are dealt with, together with their solutions.
This book is written from the fish-keeper's point of view in a clear and simple style that imparts all the necessary information without becoming over-technical even though the content is comprehensive. Alan Hartley draws on 15 years experience in the fish and aquatic supplies trade and from dealing with customers' probing questions.