Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom

Minutes Of A.G.M.

Minutes of Haywoods Best Kept Village, Colwich and Little Haywood in Bloom Committees, on Tuesday 2nd February 2016, at 7.30 p.m. In the Parish Centre.

PRESENT: Chairman, Amyas Stafford Northcote; Allan Hildreth; Hannah Clendon; Debrah,& Dave Lawford; Mike McDermott; Tom Wain; Angela Hardwick; John Coates; Robin Russell; Barrie Birt; Jean Makin M.B.E; Marian Doehren; Ann Jones; Pat Broome.

APOLOGIES; Dave Hunt; Tony Duke

Amyas welcomed everyone, especially Robin Russell from the Heart of England in Bloom, and Mr and Mrs Lawford – saying it was kind of them to come,
MINUTES OF LAST A.G.M.(20.2.1015).were read out by Jean; and were accepted as a true record of the Minutes and signed.

ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN: Amyas Stafford-Northcote was unanimously elected.

ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRMAN: Barrie Birt was unanimously elected.

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: It gives me great pleasure to present a report of the BKV Committee's activities in 2015. There is no doubt that 2015 was a very successful year. No fewer than nine awards were won: Golds for both Great Haywood and Little Haywood and Colwich; Silver-Gilt for the Red Lion, and four in the Community Section in the Heart of England in Bloom scheme (Shugborough Terrace, Mill Lane, Cliff Road and Marlborough Close). In the Best Kept Village Competition , Great Haywood came equal third with Gnosall and Little Haywood and Colwich were Highly Commeded. We should also acknowledge the contributions to the latter success made by the Churchyard volunteers at St. Stephen's and St. Michael's, where high standards have been recognised in the Diocesan annual competitions. These results are due entirely to the hard work and dedication by a small band of volunteers who freely spend hours of their time, weeding, planting, painting, displaying posters, tidying, compiling portfolios, judging, mowing, litter-picking, catering, keeping and checking accounts, watering, chauffeuring, writing minutes, attending results – each and every job very necessary, and those who carry them out are well known to us all, particularly Anne Clendon. My personal warm thanks to you all 
We should in addition note the wonderful contributions made by the children of the Parish, for their hundreds of posters which so impressed the judges

Finally, we look forward hopefully to another successful year in 2016. Thank you all very much indeed.

ELECTION OF HON. TREASURER: Jean Makin M.B.E. Was unanimously elected and Anne MINUTED OUR SINCERE THANKS to Jean for her hard work during the past year., -the Annual Financial Analylsis is attached. 
Jean asked if could increase to £20.00 our gift to R.Lambart for examining our Accounts. This was proposed by Jean, Seconded by Cath, and agreed by all.

ELECTION OF COMMITTEE. All the Committee were re-elected as before.

ROBIN RUSSELL: reported that “It's your Neighbourhood” awards need to have separate e-mail address. 
Robin reported on how well we are doing as a village, and how would we feel if we were to be put through to the National Finals? We told him we supported each other . Robin said we must take care not to enter items twice on the portfolios and we have moved a lot further forward this year. There is still no fee for the Neighbourhood entries.

PUBLICITY: This was undertaken by Judy, but she has been away, and Ann J; and Anne C. have been doing as much as they can. i.e. “Contact” and “Village Voice”. Allan circulated a very nice poster he had made, showing our volunteers, and this should be posted on notice-boards, where possible. 

WEBSITE: John suggested we ask Rolfe Pearce if he would include us in his Facebook page – We already have Alan Hartley , but he needs to have a lot more input and especially pictures. Contact: superdart@tiscali.co.uk. Everyone is asked to contribute items to him. 
Rolfe's Facebook page shows events and activities in The Haywoods.

OUR B.K.V. ENTRY FOR 2016 We decided we have got to continue, because of all the support we have been given from Grants and contributions. Anne said the Large Village now starts at 1500 

SEMINAR This will be in Great Haywood Memorial Hall, on Wednesday 9th March. The Hall is booked from 9.0 a.m. - 5.00, with use of kitchen for teas, (,the Wednesday Club meets in the upper Hall in the afternoon at 2.0 – 4.0 p.m.but this should not bother us) Robin asked if the H of E Judges could gather at G.H.M. Hall after the Seminar, to have a short meeting. This should be possible but Zumba starts in Main Hall after our meeting.

FUND RAISING – Due to lack of time, this item to be put on the next Agenda.

PRIVATE GARDEN COMPETITION to be put on next Agenda.



QUIZ next Agenda item.


COMPOSTING: John reported that the Allotments are willing to accept our .green waste.

JOBS LIST. Cath has the list, and it needs putting on Notice Boards etc.., Anne to get quotes for a recycled notice board, and it can be put underneath the notice board on the Green, Gt.Haywood.

A.O.B. Royal Birthday, 4,5,6,th March, a general Clean-Up. AGENDA ITEM

Bags are needed, and Tom said he would take care of the Bags. Barrie to chase up Bags with Parish Council Clerk.

Deborah and David Lawford, Hound Cottage would like to make a flower-bed in the land next to the cottage, and also plant a tree. Tom said he would contact them.

Allan said he was still trying to get the paths and drains looked at – at Hawkesmore Drive. Little Haywood. This item was talked about, but will go on the NEXT AGENDA.

“FIX-MY-STREET” was mentioned.


Amyas thanked everyone for attending, and special thanks to the ladies who provided the cakes biscuits and tea. Meeting closed at 10.00 p.m.