Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom

Minutes Of Committee Meeting
February 2016.

Minutes of Haywoods BKV and Colwich & Little Haywood in Bloom Committees on 24.2.2016 at 7.30 p.m. In the Parish Centre.

PRESENT; Hannah Clendon; Pat Broome; Marian Doehren; Ann Jones'; Pam Walton; Cath Birt; Angela Hardwick; Tom Wain; Mike McDermott; Dave Hunt; Jean Makin M.B.E; Barrie Birt; Amyas Stafford-Northcote; Anne Clendon.

APOLOGIES; Alan Hildreth; Tony Duke.

Chairman Amyas Stafford-Northcote welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Anne said she had been to see Judy, who is willing to help, particularly with poster display.


Jean said she thought we hadn't spent so much on plants last year, but unfortunately she has now received some more Invoices, 

=Our Balance £3,695.66

Our Budget for this Financial Year is £1,800.00 – see attached Sheet.

Amyas, on behalf of us all, thanked Jean for her valuable work in keeping us in order financially.

Anne to ask for Parish Council Grant, and also write another “begging” letter.

Jean will contact Miller Homes – 

Anne to contact the Jean and Russell for a date for another Coffee Morning. This could also be part of the Queen's Birthday celebrations.

MATTERS ARISING: SEMINAR Wednesday 9th March 2016 in Gt. Haywood Memorial Hall.

Marian will open the Hall at 9.0 a.m. - Anne and Cath and others will also be there, we are using the upper room for the refreshments. (Cath has to leave at 10.0 a.m.) 

Pam will do flowers for Speakers table.

Cath will do the catering list, as last time. e.g. 16 loaves etc., 

Anne emphasized the fact that cakes etc., must be invoiced.

Coffee and biscuits will be served on arrivals.

We need Direction notices, and Cath/BarrieT (and Matt) will do them.

The Hall is booked until 5.0 p.m. But we expect the meeting to finish earlier.


Tony is happy to do this again, and organize his assistant. MONDAY 11th July.

Entries as before. Anne to make and display Notices


PRE-SCHOOL.........Daisies and Dandelions.

...INFANTS.................Hungry ~Caterpillers.

...YEARS ¾................A bunch of roses.

...YEARS 5/6..............The Queen's Birthday Party.

Jean is happy to see if last years Judges are available.

It is most important that the name of the child is put on the front of the poster, and the School.


Ann, Marian and Pat are happy to make the lists for the Judges to make the Winners list.

Tom would like to buy 4 new baskets for the Parish Centre, and Jean agreed the purchase.


Alan has offered to make a Board to go in the Parish Board at the Green, Gt. Haywood – he is to invoice the wood etc., please.

Tom said he would replace the large Board outside Colwich Primary School. Invoice please.

QUIZ Tom said that nearly all the 15 tables at the last Quiz were taken by his contacts, and not many villagers. He is not willing to organize another one in Little Haywood. It was pointed out that the Katherine House Hospice Group run a Quiz in Gt Haywood, as well as other Groups – in fact we have an invitation to K.H next Quiz, on Friday 8th April. and many of our Ladies are involved with K.H.

We need a Great Haywood quiz organizer.

Anne said the Flower arranging demonstration last year was very badly attended because of another one too near our date.

ROYAL BIRTHDAY CLEAN-UP. 4/5/6 March. - Tom has enough bags.

Barrie said S.B.C are getting mean with their bags and litter pickers, if we want any more litter pickers we shall have to buy them.

We are all to meet on Saturday 5th March at 10.00 a.m, at Jubilee Playing Field for a group photograph.

Alan to make a “Clean up for the Queen” poster.

June 6th is the official celebration date – (Trooping of the Colour)

HOUND COTTAGE We should tell Mr & Mrs Lawford not to plant trees but flower beds are O.K. Barrie/Cath will contact Mike Deavall and Pauline to try and find out who is responsible for the land.


We are to contact S.B.C Highways. about the poor state of the footpaths in Hawkesmoor Drive. and also the drains in Hawkesmoor/Main Road/Coley Lane – they all need flushing out. Barris said he has spoken to the Parish Clerk about these points already.


The number of circles are confusing, and we should use triangles, squares etc., as well, and put the number of them on the map. The Key is the problem.

Anne to give Tom a copy of the Entry form.

The new building sites need to be put on Maps.

Area under Railway arch on Main Road L.H. One side has been cleaned up, and Penny Holden's side belongs to Railway.

Can we put BKV notices in the Community Centre Notice Board?

The Notice Board at Wolsely Close belongs to the Housing authority – name wanted.

Angela is still worried about Coley Lane – it should be put into “eyesores” as it is a very big job to tidy the Bank up.

Sids Field in Gt Haywood will soon be built upon – an “eyesore”

Please note – the BKV Judges do not look at the A51.

Everyone to have a copy of the Jobs list.

Anne read out information about a Seminar - Biodiversity – Speaker possibly Sarah Raven. More information to follow

A.O.B. Pat mentioned the good hedge laying being done by the green area in Gt. Haywood 0ff the A51.

Walter is also starting to do some work for us - guttering and trimming.

28th March is the last date for BKV Entries 2016.


Meeting finished at 9.15 p.m.

Anne Clendon. 
01889 808214
nb. if you have any more BKV e-mails of people I haven't mailed to on this list, please forward them to me.