Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom

Minutes Of Committee Meeting
22nd March 2016.

Present: Cath Birt; Tony Duke; Hannah Clendon; Angela Hardwick; Pam Walton; Ann Jones; Pat Broome; Barrie Birt; Amyas Stafford-Northcote; Mike McDermot; Anne Clendon (Alan Hildereth?)

Apologies: Dave Hunt; Tom Wain; Jean Makin M.B.E; Marian Doehren; 

Minutes of last meeting, were accurate and signed by A.S.N.

Amyas welcomed everyone to the meeting, and Anne read out a complimentary card from Hilda - Biddulph in Bloom, and a letter from Jenny Redfern, enclosing cheque reimbursing us for the Seminar expenses. and praising the ladies who made the lovely cakes etc., 

After a short general discussion it was decided we all enjoyed the Day, and we expressed our thanks to Cath and Barrie for getting the groceries.

In the absence of the Treasurer, we added the R.H.S. cheque onto our Balance.

Pam tendered a bill for the Flowers (table display) and also a bill for paint for seats.

Cath is to be reimbursed for the groceries.

Clean up for the Queen - 21st April, Thursday, and then 6th June. We all turned out for a great clean-up on Saturday 5th March, a lot of litter was collected but we still have to keep on working! 

Tom has been litter picking along the A51. this is not part of the B.K.V. judging route.

Barrie is to contact Streetscene to collect rubbish on lay-by A.51 and Wolseley Road layby.

We hope to be able to pick up litter on Saturday 23rd April 10.0 a.m. all wearing our Village Volunteer jackets.

(Anne thinks the jackets are in the Parish Centre).

Children's' Posters... are to be with Anne by 24th March. then taken to Judges, and then back for laminating Tuesday - Wednesday 12th 13th April. 9.30 a.m. in Parish Centre.

We need A3 and A4 laminating sheets.

Hannah has the list of where the posters are to be displayed.

The children's' posters can again be displayed on Jill Browns' fence

We could do with a poster for "Clean up for the Queen" June 6th. Alan to be asked if he could make one.

The Notice Boards have been vandalized - Barrie is to chase the Parish Clerk for quick action.

The Notice Board on Community Centre needs B.K.V. information and also the Board at Wolseley Close. - we could put posters etc, on the glass surface.

Pam and Ben are working on the Benches, and they look better just for a clean-up!

Private Garden Day - Tony is to contact Sarah - Judging on Monday 11th July.
Coley Lane needs reporting to Streetscene 
- the drains have not been cleared, as also the drains along the Butts. 

Angela is also concerned about the brambles - Barrie to ask Streetscene - and maybe we could get a small working party together?

Nothing has been done about the state of the pavement along Haywood Grange - A letter has been sent.

The House Building at The Ring. Jean to be asked to write to them, asking for a donation.

There is a lot of litter left by the Jubilee Playing Field.

The County Council number is 0300 111 8000

Hannah mentioned that we are now on Facebook, and asked everyone to look at it, and contribute photos etc.,

The Fencing at the Culvert, Roseacre - is rotton and is falling down.

Barrie to get in touch with Highways, and also contact Walter,

Anne to ask Matt if he would make a Poster for our Morning Coffee at the Maingays, on the 8th June. The format as before, cakes needed, and help. Also raffle prizes are needed.

5.00 coffee and cakes and looking at the lovely garden.

Pat told us her Grand-daughter Chloe has been awarded a Gold Leaf - from School, for picking up litter. This should be put on Facebook, and also a small article in Village Voice.

John Coates has now left The Haywoods and gone to live in Scotland, - he has been a long serving member of the B.K.V., and Anne to write and thank him for all his past work.

The land next to Hound Cottage. The County say it is not theirs, so it can be planted up, but nothing over 60cm high (2 feet).

The hedge opposite is still being a problem - the weeds are keeping the soil from falling on to the pavement 

DATE OF NEXT MEETING....TUESDAY 19th April. 7.30 p.m Parish Centre.

Everyone is invited to an early meal at The Barley Mow, Milford, on Tuesday 10th May. 6.00 p.m. 
just to celebrate Anne's Birthday. (we pay for our own meal!) 

Anne Clendon. 
Secretary Haywoods B.K.V. and Colwich & Little Haywood in Bloom.