Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom

Minutes Of Committee Meeting
5th July 2016.

PRESENT. Chairman: A.Stafford-Northcote; Treasurer: Jean Makin, M.B.E; Dave Hunt; Angela Hardwich; Cath Birt; Hannah Clendon; Tony Duke; Pat Broom; Marian Doehren; Barrie Birt; Tom Wain.

APOLOGIES: Jane Cross; Ann Jones; Pam Walton; Alan Hildreth (who has hurt his ribs) Mike McDermott) Hermia from Crossheads

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING were read, confirmed as correct and signed.

Mike McD would like to be removed from Committee meetings.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Our Balance at 5.7.2016 = 3644.64 - copy of Report attached.
Jean reported that we do not quality for Len Bloomers Community Fund as the criteria has changed. Jean has also been in touch with Walton Homes, who are going to donate a Planter at the A51/Gt.Haywood end - with their sponsor plaque 
- which will be in place before the 14th July, when the H.of.E. Judges will be coming. 
Barrie will be there, from the Parish Council, and Anne and Jean, and others - for the official hand-over, and a photograph for the Press and H.of.England. We all expressed our thanks to Jean for all her hard work liasing with Walton Homes.
Unfortuantely the feed-back from Miller Homes - at The Ring - has been negative.

Everyone was asked to be at the Parish Centre to welcome Robin Russell and....
Cath said she will organize the coffee/biscuits welcome, at 10.00 a.m.
She will also organize the lunch = sandwiches, cakes etc; 

Little Haywood will be judged first. and Tom has photographs for Alan. The Route will be as last year with a few slight changes.

2 hours. Driver will be Tom, and Angela to guide.
The Notice to be put in rear-window of car, and Marian will change the wording on the notice.

Great Haywood Judging after lunch. Driver - Marian with Pat commentating.
The Jubilee Playing Field, in centre of Parish will be put on both Portfolios.
Alan has very kindly offered to do both portfolios, for which we are very grateful.

It was stated that the litter-bin outside the Clifford Arms needs attention. and we are still getting a lot of vandalism and litter at the Jubilee Playing Field. the CCTV has been attacked!

The Red Lion will be judged by Robin, as before.

IT'S YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD. ON TUESDAY 19TH JULY Judge: Donna Loasby and maybe Roger as well.
Start at Shugborough Terrace. 10.00 a.m.
I will drive.
Cliff Road will not be taking part this year.
On to Marlborough Close; and I will phone Jean when we are coming to the Close. (07977.175.955)
Ian and Gordon are refurbishing the bench.
Then on to Mill Lane. Cath and Barrie will meet us.
Then on to Canalside for a light lunch - Canalside will have been opened for two years!

PRIVATE GARDEN COMPETITION. 9.30 Coffee at Riverdale after Tony has collected Sarah who is Head Gardener at Rodbaston College, from Stafford. and Tony suggested Lunch at the Wolseley Arms. 
Judging day after the Hospice Sunday. Monday 11 July.

will end on 29th August, just before the School return.
There was a Formal Proposal from Jean, Seconded by Marian, that we give Vouchers for 1st,2nd,3rd places. 5.00; 3.00; 2.00. All in favour.

TUBS/HANGING BASKETS/FLORAL DISPLAY COMPITION List to be started after the Hospice Day. Jean to ask if the W.I. Ladies from Stowe by Chartley will make the final decisions.

Anne has already spoken to her and appologised, but will speak to her again after this meeting.
The Pavement belongs to the Borough Council, and the Parish Council should maintain it, with their Handyman
(At the moment the Parish Council is thinking of advertising for a Parish Handyman/Lengthsman)

A.O.B. Pat asked about Hound Cottage, and Anne said she had written and actually given the letter to Mr Lawforfd, when he was working on his front grass.

Pat also mentioned we need another set of slabs putting on the retaining slabs in front of Abbeyfields. but we are not sure who owns the hedge now. Is it Sanctuary Housing or S.A.RH?

BEST KEPT VILLAGE MARKING Jean suggested we write to John Perry at the Community Council of Staffs., asking for a breakdown of the marks awarded for each section Anne also suggested we invite Eileen Awty to our 2017 meeting to hear her comments.

in Parish Centre


The Private Garden Competition has been moved to Monday 1st August.