Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom

Minutes Of Committee Meeting
Tuesday 6th September 2016.

Present: Amyas Stafford-Northcote (Chairman); Dave Hunt; Tom Wain; Cath Birt; Hannah Clendon; Pam Walton.

Apologies: Marion Doehren; Pat Broome; Ann Jones; Barrie Birt; Angela Hardwick.

The Minutes having been circulated were taken as a true record of the meeting, and signed by Chairman.

In the absence of the Treasurer, the last Balance was read, and Anne reported we have had 500.00 from Colwich Parish Council (a Thank-you has been sent).

MATTERS ARISING OUT OF MINUTES. are mainly on the Agenda.

BEST KEPT VILLAGE REPORT for Great Haywood and Colwich & L. Haywood in Bloom - these have not yet been received, and will discussed at the next meeting, however Anne will write to the Community Council of Staffordshire and ask them to send us the actual number against each section of the judging form, so that we can see where we are falling down on the marks. This was proposed by Anne and 2nd by Dave.

Anne said she was bitterly disappointed at the Highly Commended results, as both villages have looked really well kept.

At this point Tom said that he and Angela were the only people doing any work in Little Haywood and they need more helpers.

(It should be noted that Hannah and Anne work on the Cauldron, Window boxes and Flower Tower and Cath and Barrie work on the Diana Bed and Alan and Mike have worked very hard too)

Cath said we have all done our best, and the villages look lovely.

Tom reported he had litter-picked the Jubilee Playing Field every day since April up to 16th July; Walter has not done litter picking - it has been done by Cath and Barie at J.P.F (and elsewhere of course).

Tom said he had not watered the hanging baskets, and he is not doing them again.

The Tap....Michael has not replaced the outside tap, although he should have done so.

It was reported that we need a new micro-system and timer fitted and Pam said Ben would look at the system and fit a new one. He needs to cost it, - we have 6 baskets on the system and perhaps the 2 window boxes could be included?

The Spa Shop was discussed and dismay expressed at the way the hanging baskets had been neglected.

Tom was asked to take the bill for his work to Helen - Anne will give him the Bill. we are concerned that ownership of the Shop will take place and we will not be paid for Toms' work) 100.00 


Angele Janet and Tom are going for L. Haywood.

Cath, Barrie. Marian, Alan and Pat are going for G. Haywood.


Honour, Gordon Talbot - Marlbourgh Close.

Jill, Dave Horton, Cath, Barrie, - Mill Lane.

Peter Edwards, Ray Fay Hemming , Anne - Shugborough Terrace.

All have places booked, and wheelchair access for Jill.

THE FAIRY WALL Peter Edwards has donated 20.00 for the prizes.
We have had 4 lovely entries, Anne to copy them and take them to Peter. It was decided to give each child 5.00. and ask Angela to take them to Colwich School and give them to the children at Assembly (if possible). Next year we will take details of the competition to the Schools earlier.

At this point A.S.N. asked if we had heard the new plans for Victoria Park in Stafford. We all thought the children's, play area was extremely well used.

A.O.B. Jean has thanked the Gardening Guild for their very kind donation.

GRASS CUTTING Tom said that the grass cutting on the Jubilee Field was very poorly done, as Robin (H.of E.Judge) thought it was terrible to leave the cuttings lying about.

Ann J.'s letter about the grass cutting - to the Parish Council, was not read out, it was an Agenda item, and the paperwork just passed over!
Anne talked about the grass to the Council, but unfortunately nothing was done about it, only passed over to Environment committee.
Ann J said she would go to this meeting to hear what is decided upon.

The letter from Marion re: leaflet from Tesco was not read out unfortunately.

CROCUS PLANTING The bulbs are going to Marion and everyone will have to take their share of planting them. Marion is in charge of this.

GOOD NEWS! Mrs Astle from the Uplands has bought 72 Polyanth's for the Uplands bed, and is raising them in her back garden for us. Anne has thanked her.

The LADIES FROM STOWE BY CHARTLEY W.I. have very kindly judged the Hanging baskets etc., competition and Anne has thanked them at their last meeting, and given them plants as a "thank-you" gift. We wondered if we ought to give a cheque for their petrol. ***

SLABS / MAIN ROAD OPPOSITE HOUND COTTAGE. They need something putting in to stop the earth going on to the pavement. Tom suggested buying some decking and putting that there, and then planting hardy geraniums We think the hedge belongs to Stafford Rural Homes. Anne to write to them, and ask for their help, as it is a health and safety issue, with people slipping on gravel and/or mud on the public footpath.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING 7th FEBRUARY 2017. (if available - Barrie to check)

ARC. 8th September 2016