Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom

Minutes Of Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 7th February 2017.

PRESENT. Chairman : Amyas Stafford-Northcote; Jean Makin M.B.E; Robin Russell; Hannah Clendon; Pam Walton; Pat Broome; Marian Doehren; Ann Jones; Tony Duke; Anne Clendon; Dave Hunt; Cath Birt; Tom Wain.

Amyas gave everyone a warm welcome to the meeting. especially Robin Russell from the Royal Horticultural Society.

APOLOGIES Angela Metcalfe; and Barrie Birt, who has resigned from the Committee. 

MINUTES OF LAST A.G.M. were read out by Anne, agreed as a true record and signed.

We were all very sorry to hear that Barrie has left us, and we all thanked him for all his past work. 

ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN: Amyas stood down from the post, and was re-elected, Proposed by Jean, Seconded by Tony, - unanimously re-elected.
VICE-CHAIRMAN Jean offered to be Acting Vice-Chair - all in agreement.

ELECTION OF TREASURER: Jean, proposed by Anne, Seconded by Pat - unanimous - and we all expressed our appreciation of her thorough work.

ELECTION OF SECRETARY: Anne proposed by Jean, Seconded by Pat - unanimous.

ELECTION OF COMMITTEE: Everyone, including Angela, was re-elected.

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: Amyas expressed his grateful thanks to the Committee for all their work, and said everyone knows all the work that the Secretary has done. 

TREASURER'S REPORT Jean presented her Annual Financial Analysis, a copy of which is enclosed. Overall it has cost us 1000.00 more in 2016 to enter both Competitions.
The Car-stickers cost us quite a lot, and they need giving out to all the Committee for general distribution.
Len Bloom's Grant could not be asked for in 2016, and his successor, if elected, will be John Francis.
Canalside Fruit Farm have generously donated plants again, and we have been given 50.00 donation from Gt. Haywood Memorial Hall to plant up their car-park border. (The car-park has now been resurfaced with tarmac and grit.) Anne said 50.00 would not go very far!
Amyas said we will be a bit tight for money this year.

PUBLICITY Anne reported that information is put into Village Voice; Contact, the web-sites, the Newsletter column and also on the Notice Boards.
We now have our own Notice Board in the Square, Great Haywood, and we need another one at the Little Haywood/Colwich end of the Parish. Tom took details and said he would make one for us
everyone is asked to contribute to www.clerk@colwich.staffslc.gov.uk.

B.K.V. ENTRIES FOR 2017. A general discussion took place, helped by Robin, and Cath proposed, seconded by Ann J. that we do not enter the B.K.V. Competition this year, We all worked very hard last year, and we could not see what benefit we gained from entering the Competition. We will do the same amount of work, and keep up the high standards we have achieved. The village benefits greatly from our hard work, and Robin said the community involvement will still be maintained. 
It was mentioned that Dog Fouling is still a problem, and we need to send for more Stickers.
We also felt that Speeding was a problem, and we now have a Community Speed Watch.
A lot of cars now have faulty lights.
Jean asked what was going to happen about the Children's' posters?
This item to be put on the next Agenda.
A vote was taken and it was unanimous that we do not enter into the 2017 BKV Competition.

Robin addressed the meeting and said the Heart of England in Bloom Competition is judged as it is seen on the DAY.
We will still need money to keep up our standards.
The two Competitions are different.
Jean proposed we enter both villages into the H. of E. Competition, this was seconded by Pam and the vote was unanimous.
Anne will do the Press information.

FUND RAISING was put to next meeting
TUBS, HANGING BASKETS AND FLORAL DISPLAY COMPETITIONS will continue, as part of our community involvement.

The new Notice Board to be named the Heart of England in Bloom Notice Board. and will go underneath the Parish Council Board by Parish Centre. It will have a brass plaque.

PRIVATE GARDEN JUDGING DATE....MONDAY 10th JULY, 2017. Tony to liaise with Sarah, and will revise the Judging Sheet.

IT'S YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD - all to enter again, and there is no Fee.

Robin to make sure we get the Entry Forms.

The spring Seminar will be at Malvern.
Bloom Awards will be at Warwick, in the Evening.
Neighbourhood Awards will be at Coventry

The Skip will visit the Jubilee Playing Field 6 times this coming year,
and the grass will have to be cut a week before Judging.
Children's' Posters to be put up by 1st June.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING....TUESDAY 7th MARCH, 2017 7.3- p.m. in Parish Centre

n.b. The new owners of the Spa Shop will still be willing to keep the surrounds clean, but Tom will not be doing the work, as he is awaiting a knee operation.