Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom

Minutes Of Committee Meeting
Tuesday 7th March 2017.

PRESENT Amyas Stafford-Northcote (Chairman) Jean Makin M.B.E. (Treasurer). Marian Doehren. Ann Jones. Angela Hardwick. Pat Broome. Cath Birt. Hannah Clendon. Tony Duke. Tom Wain. Eileen Awty (Visitor).

APOLOGIES. Barrie Birt. Dave Hunt. Pam Walton.

Apologies to Angela for misspelling her surname, Barrie has not resigned from the Committee only as Vice-Chairman. Under PUBLICITY the web-site was omitted - www.the-site.name/haywoodsbkv/haypages/page3.htm or superdart@tiscali.co.uk
With these alterations the Minutes were accepted as a true record, and duly signed.

Amyas welcomed everyone to the Meeting, especially Eileen Awty, who Anne had asked to come and speak to us about our past entries into the BKV and what is required of us.

All Eyesores must be written and later ones can be submitted. Please put where the "Ladies Toilet" is on the map or the information. 
Map - the Legend - the boundaries are important. The coloured dots/signs, should be clear. It must be laminated. and must be accurate.
Fingerposts/signs must be clean.
Churches - strim the grass, and the wild-life area must be "wild-life".
Large and small Spaces need to be clearly shown.
Notice-Boards must be clean, wooden ones varnished, with up to date information. Community Spirit information is necessary, get rid of old notices e.g. Election ones.
Litter - Judges will be flexible if there is very newly thrown down litter, - it is a good idea to go out early in the day. Include Walking Groups help.
Village Features - clearly shown.
War Memorial (we do not have one).
Halls - the Judges go all the way round the Hall. and the same applies to the Public Houses.
B.K.V. Notices must be at entrance to village.
Phone box - nice and tidy, although we are not allowed to paint it
Bus Shelter - keep clean and tidy.
Private Gardens - the Judges do go round all the village, and some come out on the 1st May.
At this point Jean said we had been entering since 1991, and in 1996 we did win the County Trophy. but we are now very disillusioned with only achieving Highly Commended.
Dog Dirt is one of the worst things, also old and new litter, also grass cutting is difficult, and we have moles.
At this point a general discussion took place, and Jean said the H.of E. Judes APPRAISE rather than Judge, as opposed to the BKV Competition judging. Angela said she thought Coley Lane, Little Haywood lets us down, and Eileen suggested we write to John Perry or Chris Welch about our feelings. She said different Judges go out in July for the final judging. Pat said it seemed we lack the finishing touches. 
Amyas thanked Eileen for coming to speak to us, and then we had a slight break for coffee/teas and biscuits. 

TREASURER'S REPORT Balance at Bank 2,612.64. We need to write for more money, we spent a lot of money on plants last year, and we are keeping up the same work this year, although not entering the BKV Competition. We need to be careful, plants and grass-cutting were expensive last year. We have just had a cheque for 200.00 from the Bag Collection Group, and Jean was asked to write and thank them on our behalf.

PORTFOLIO. Alan said he would do them again, for the Heart of England in Bloom - but he does need information from everyone on the Committee. He said he would make a Haywood in Bloom Webpage and Marian brought along a sample for us to see. We were all delighted and thanked him very much for it.

LIST OF DONORS Anne to liaise with Marion.

CHILDRENS' POSTER COMPETITION. (It is the Queens Sapphire Celebration this year) 
We were sorry that Dave was not with us, but we decided on
Pre School....Butterflies
Infants......Freddy or Freda Frog.
Years 3/4 .....Wild Flowers
Years 5/6 .....The 4 flowers of the United Kingdom.

Names to be put on the front of the Poster Anne to inform the Schools. 
1st June .. put posters up.
8th May .. posters back to Anne
Laminating ...Tuesday 16th May plus extra days.
Jean to ask if the Judges will be available again this year.

PRIVATE GARDEN COMPETITION. Tony said that Sarah would not be available this year, but will ask some one he knows in the gardening fraternity.
Judging Day .... Monday 10th July.

NEW NOTICE BOARD FOR LITTLE HAYWOOD . Tom has made it, we only requires the brass plaque. Marian said she would order it.

WEED-KILLING SPRAY BACK-PACK now in Anne's garage. Jean asked - how bought it? We think it was donated. We think this could be used by the village lengths man (when he arrives). Angela said she would speak to Michael - Parish Clerk.

SOCIAL MEETING... Lamb and Flag..Friday 28th April (check to see if it is their Quiz Night), also invite Allan Hildreth and Mike McDermott 7.30 p.m.

A.O.B. Cath asked if we could let Dave Horton have a donation for the ​plants he has bought for Cliff Road, and this was agreed upon, Jean will issue a cheque to Barrie.

IT'S YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD. Cliff Road wants to be entered again, and a new one - CROSS HEADS Anne to see Irma. "Friends of Cross Heads"

Before the meeting closed, Anne thanked the ladies who had made the coffee, and Ann for providing the biscuits (especially the chocolate ones).
Anne also asked -who has planted the hollyhock plants along the Abbey Wall by the Parish Centre?

SPRING SEMINAR.. Malvern Friday 31st March. This was omitted from the Agenda, but had been circulated via the e-mails, and Alan said he was willing to drive, with Marian and Pat - for Great Haywood, and Anne, Angela for Little Haywood. Ray and Faye to be asked as well.

Amyas thanked everyone for coming and wished everyone "good-night".