Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom

Minutes Of Committee Meeting
Tuesday 16th May 2017.

Before we started the meeting, Amyas asked us all to take a moment to reflect on kind memories of Dave Hunt, who will be 
greatly missed.
1. APOLOGIES. Tom (heart problems) and Pam (holiday) 
A card for Tom.

2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING having been circulated were accepted as correct.

3. The Parish Council have employed 2 Lenghtsmen...Ian......10 hours and Phillip Russell ..19 hours, and they have started 
Tony Jarret has looked at the watering system and it is now working correctly, his work was free of charge, - he has been thanked.

Jean has received a Thank-you Card from Dave and Jill Horton for the money we gave them towards the plants etc.,
The Gardening Guild has given us a donation of 36.00 - they have been thanked.
Our balance is 2300.00, and Jean reported that if we spend the same amount this year, we will have no funds at 2018.
- balance sheet attached.
John Barrie, our County Councillor is to be approached by Jean.
Anne has still to make contact with our Donors.
Parish Council Grant has still to come in.

5. Janet and Tom have offered to organize another Quiz, and we must all try and sell tickets for it; we thought a date in September/October would be best. 
Venue -Upstairs at the Club was suggested, or a Village Hall.

6. Pat, and everyone, said the A.51 looks awful, this was because Weston Ground Force had problems - but If the Clerk had informed us, we would at least have know the reason why. Anne had written to him.
Cath now has details of the Lenghthsmens duties etc., 
Anne said how grateful we were to all who collected up the grass cuttings.
The owner of the Abbey Land is still unknown. Cath cannot be cutting this grass for ever!
The Spa Shop has been cleaned up, the new owners are keeping the car park clean, but the weeds growing along the wall need taking out.

7. The Children's Posters have now been judged by Jean Mould. (A.S.N. wants list of winners for his column)
We have had posters from all the Schools. Total number..243.
Laminating date - Monday 22nd May 9.30 a.m. 
The Boards are in the garage at 5 Cliff Road.
Alan, c/o Marian, was asked to make a poster for Heart of England in Bloom, to go on Boards.

8. Peter Edwards will still sponsor the children's prizes for the FAIRY WALL COMPETITION, this will end 30th September.
Anne will continue to mention it on Facebook. and Hannah is putting photos and comments on Facebook, and our website. 

9. Judging Day Thursday 13th July, we will provide lunch etc., - Cath to organize.
Improvements - We need to show car-park at G.H.V.H. and the Orchard at Cliff Road.
We need to think about Little Haywood. what can we do? Anne and Hannah already keep the Cauldon and Window boxes at Parish Centre and the 2 Flower Towers. Tom and Angela do a lot of work maintaining all the flower containers.
The Little Haywood entrance sign has been re-painted, and the one at Great Haywood. - out thanks to Janet and Tom.

9a "It's Your Neighbourhood" - Anne to ask Robin Russell for the date.

10. Private Garden Competition. details and forms to be put into Post Office and Shops.

11. and 12. to be dealt with later.

13 A.O.B.
Window Box on the Abbey Wall. - is this to be moved? or the overhanging tree branches cut down? All please think about this problem and report back.
S.C.C. are coming out to look at the blockage. in the Culvert, Great Haywood.
Angela has had 2 new Banners made for our H.of.E Entry into the Competition, and we all gave our thanks to Angela and her son. The old Banners are at 5 Cliff Road.
Jane and Russell Maingay are unable to host a coffee morning this year, but hope to be able to do so in 2018.
We have heard that Marie-Louise is not well, and Anne will call and see the Dukes.

PRESENTATION EVENING... Friday 29th September 2017 in Parish Centre. 7.30 p.m.
The 2 Lenghtsmen to be invited, and to our next Social evening, date to be arranged.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING. Tuesday 27th June - Parish Centre - 7.30p.m.

Anne gave out details of MARCHINGTON OPEN GARDENS event - 24th/25th June.