Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom

Minutes Of Committee Meeting
Tuesday 22nd August 2017.

PRESENT Amyas Stafford -Northcote (Chairman); Jean Makin M.B.E (Treasurer); Anglea Hardwick; Tom Wain; Ann Jones; Marian Doehren; Hannah Clendon; Tony Duke; Pat Broome; Anne Clendon (Secretary).

The meeting started with a Welcome from Amyas.

APOLOGIES; Pam Walton; Cath and Barrie Birt; 

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING having been e-mailed to all on e-mail were read out by Anne, - the date should be the 8th August, not the 22nd, and the River of Flowers meeting should have been called an Extraordinary Meeting. The Minutes were signed as a true record.

The Group Photo was taken by the Lenghtsman.
The results of the Community Council of Staffs., Competition were read out - 
Gnosall came 1st in our Category, (Large Village) and Acton Trussell 1st in Small Village Category.

TREASURER'S REPORT.. read out by Jean. Our balance is 2,687.41. 
Roseacre have given us 20.00 off our last Account, and when the BACS arrives we have 500.00 from John Francis, Staffordshire County Council Community Fund.
This official notification needs publishing - Anne to deal with this.
Please see copy of Accounts at end of Minutes.
Jean reported on the vandalism experienced at Marlborough Close, including a stolen bicycle, and we all expressed our sympathy to all everyone, especially Honour and Gordon.

Tom said the H of E. Judging morning with Robin Russell went well, and we were glad Janet could go with him; they were met by several people , including members of the Allotments.
Pat said the afternoon journey round Great Haywood went quite well, with the Memorial Hall garden being admired also the hanging baskets down Trent Lane,- Russell said it would make a good photograph .
Everyone was thanked for all the refreshments. and after a final cup of tea, we said Goodbye to Robin

Alan has kindly made Certificates, which Amyas has signed, and Jean will bring these to the Presentation Evening.

Jean proposed we ought to get a Trophy for the best place of worship, and we all agreed to having this, with suitable engraving.
Jean has also taken a Camelia to both the Judges, as a thank-you for their help.

H of E in Bloom results at Warwick. This is an evening event, and we did not think we could attend the Evening.
H of E in Bloom "Neighbourhood" results at Coventry: 
Cath and Barrie would like to go, also Marian and Alan, Irma and others.....

QUIZ EVENING Friday 13th October - the Hall is booked and paid for, we will provide the "nibbles" and we need to publicise the event - in Facebook, Contact, Village Voice and by posters. Alan to be asked to design a Poster, and Angela suggested a small banner - this was undecided. Tables of 4 - 4.00 a person. Tom said he would bring Prizes and nibbles.

PRESENTATION EVENING. 29th September. Anne to send out invitations. We will have a Gardening hamper as a raffle prize, Hannah to supply the hamper.
We will serve wine, juices, and nibbles (Marian to provide the nibbles)
Ann J. gave in her apologies for the meeting.

RIVER OF FLOWERS Jean read out Marian's letter at the start of the meeting, and Amyas said it was a very unhappy meeting, especially the reference to 'gorilla' planting and the reference to Fisherwick. Hannah said she was expecting a visual display of the project. At this point 2 leaflets were given out. 
We all appreciated the letter circulated by Amyas.
It would have been pleasant for the B.K.V. to have been invited to join in the Project.

A.O.B. Can we take over Railway Garden? Tom said he would be willing to help with it.
(Wesley Till 7 Priory Drive )

Anne said she would apply for permission to plant the 2 new trees.

We would like to get together at Christmas time - Tuesday 12th December at Lamb & Flag, 7.30 p.m. 
Angela to make arrangements with the Pub.

7.30 p.m in Parish Centre