Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom


The Trophies and Cups were awarded the respective winners by Parish Chairman Cllr. Andy Cooper, who congratulated Peta Collier (Chairman of the Show) and all the committee members on the wonderful array of entries, and the work the committee have put in to keep the village show going - he said that many Show are finishing through lack of support, but the Haywoods Show looked flourishing.

The Lichfield Cup went to Jean Tabernor (overall winner)
The Ladies runner-up Cup was awarded tp Hilly Burns. and the Gentlemans runner-up Cup went to Ted Minton.
The Clendon Vase for Flowers - Jean Tabernon.
The Sydney Rawlings Rose Bowl - Roses - Jane Cross.
Rosern Trophy - best rose in Show - Jane Cross
Cys Dyble Cup - Pot Plants - Kate Souster
W.H.Hunt Cu[p - vegetables - Ted Minton
C Morrall Plate for longest runner bean - D.Cottam
Stan Hopper Plate - best vegetable in Show (Parsnip) M.Tabernor
Canalside Trophy - Fruit - Yvette Lycett
Great Haywood Memorial Hall Challenge Cup - preserves - Hilly Burns
Great Haywood W.I.Trophy - baking - Joyce Minton
Little Floral Art Challenge Cup - floral art - Jean Tabernor
Marjorie Chilton Trophy - best floral exhibit - Jean Tabernor
Burbridge - handicraft - Gerry Freeman
Jan Pugh Art Cup- painting & photography - Julia Smith,
Alison Mayo Junior Trophy - 5-7 years - Ava Lycett
Bishton Hall Cup - 8-11 years - Lily Hurley
Junior Baking Section - Chloe Broome
Flower & Vegetable Show Trophy - 12-16 - Kate Souster

After the Trophies were presented, the Raffle prizes were collected, everyone went home, well pleased with such a pleasant, although rather cold day.

Anne Clendon Vice-Secretary, Haywood Flower & Vegetable Show.