Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom


Community Fund

Everyone on the joint committees of the Haywoods Best Kept Village Committee and Colwich & Little Haywood in Bloom Committee would like to thank our Borough Councillor John Francis for the wonderful help he has given us by awarding us £500.00 from his Community Fund. Without financial help we would be unable to continue our work in making The Haywoods such a lovely place in which to live. We have a vibrant village community, and it was lovely to see Cllr Francis at Higher Coley Farm, on Sunday evening, helping to celebrate the Parish Harvest.

This is a good place to thank the entire Baggott family for their great hospitality, the High Sherriff for his attendance, and the Rev Geoffrey Stayton for his inimitable way of making the Harvest Home service a warm and friendly gathering.

We have decided to change our name to...COLWICH & HAYWOODS IN BLOOM.

Just to remind everybody .... Great Haywood AND Colwich & Little Haywood are now GOLDEN.

Sorry - I made a mistake, we all agreed we WOULD re-apply for the Parish Council Grant.
We are to hold another meeting after the Quiz night. - watch this space!

Anne Clendon B.E.M. Hon. Secretary to the Haywoods B.K.V. committees

It's Your Neighborhood Awards.

What a wonderful Day it was on Thursday 21st September when some of The Haywoods Gardening Team went to The Welcome Centre in Coventry to hear the results of the Royal Horticultural Societys' It's Your Neighbourhood campaign to "Green up Britain".
Ray Hemming received such a shock when the Shugborough Terrace Gardeners were named to receive the Royal Horticultural Societys' Special Gardening Exellence Award! Wow! What a fantastic start to the morning.

Colwich Parish shone with pride as The Red Lion Pub in Little Haywood received a GOLD Award and in "It's Your Neighbourhood", the Friends of Mill Lane, Great Haywood and the Shugborough Terrace Gardeners, Little Haywood both achieved Level 5 - OUTSTANDING; Crossheads Friends from Colwich and Marlborough Meadow, Great Haywood both had Level 4 - Thriving; and the new Orchard in Cliff Road, Great Haywood was awarded Level 3 - Achieving. Happiness abounded in the Hall when all the results were known and the rain on the journey homewards did not dampen our enthusiasm for being part of the R.H.S. campaign to make everything look better, more colourful and mentally stimulating

We were sorry to learn that Jenny and her husband were retiring after 20+ years with Britain in Bloom and the R.H.S. but we all wished them both every happiness in their new "calmer" less stressful gardening life .

The Haywoods Best Kept Village Committee are certainly not backward thinking and we can assure everyone we will keep to the Royal Horticultural Societys' policy of using environmentally gardening techniques and plants, and continue to enter even more groups into the "It's Your Neighbourhood". Three Cheers for the R.H.S. !

Anne Clendon B.E.M. Hon Secretary, Haywoods B.K.V/Colwich & L.Haywood in Bloom Committees.

Great News from the Royal Horticultural Society!

When Marian and Alan, with Angela and Tom went to the Awards Ceremony at Warwick Castle on the 14th September, they were bowled over by the Awards which Colwich & Little Haywood, AND Great Haywood had won: both villages had been awarded GOLD! This was a fantastic result, and the Haywoods Best Kept Village Committee are so grateful to everyone who has contributed in any way, towards achieving a Gold Award, as the R.H.S. are very difficult to please, and all the community effort which has gone on this spring and summer has certainly been worth while - but - our work is still going on, as we are now getting ready for the winter and also planning new planting for 2018.

The Best Kept Village Committee has been active in the Haywoods since 1993, when we won the J.C.B. Caring for the Community Award, and from "small acorns big trees grow" and we have been busy making sure The Haywoods are a lovely place in which to live. Our motto is "Pride in the Haywoods".

Our Presentation and Thank-You Evening on Friday 29th September, at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Centre was a great get-together when people were thanked for all their hard work, and the Cups and Trophies were awarded for the best small garden and also the best large garden, and everyone who had opened their garden for the Katherine House Hospice in Stafford was there to receive a thank-you Certificate.

Keeping the Parish looking cared-for, clean and free from dog-fouling is a difficult task, and we are really only a small committee, so if you feel you have a few minutes/hours you can spend helping us, you would be made very welcome. Please contact me, Anne, on 01889.808214 or arclendon@gmail.com if you would like to know anything else.

My sincere congratulations to you ALL. YOU ARE LIKE GOLD. 


A meeting has been arranged at the Great Haywood Sport & Social Club on Thursday 26th September at 7.30 p.m.
Everyone is asked to attend.

Anne Clendon. Hon. Secretary Haywoods B.K.V/Colwich & L.H. in Bloom Committees.


Some B.K.V. members are also involved with THE HAYWOODS FLOWER AND VEGETABLE SHOW, so this may be of interest.

THE HAYWOODA FLOWER & VEGETABLE SHOW was held on Sunday 10th September in the Colwich & Little Haywood Village Hall, and it was lovely to see the Hall once again filled with flowers, pot plants, vegetable, flower arranging, baking, homecraft, photography and paintings.

Click Here For Awards.

The Neighbourhood Vist.

Five "IT'S YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD," Groups were entered into the Royal Horticultural Society project this year, and were very happy to welcome back Judges Donna Loasby and Roger Tait.

The first visit was to Shugborough Terrace, Little Haywood where they were welcomed by Cllr Amyas Stafford-Northcote and then Ray Hemming with Pete Edwards gave them a very full introduction to the, "Fairy Wall" opposite the Cottages, including the children's competition to discover all the interesting things they can find in and on the Wall, and finally they made it to the front of the delightfully decorated cottages, where every plant you could image could be found in hanging baskets, tubs and containers, including tomatoes!

The next Neighbourhood to be looked at was at Crossheads, where Irma was able to tell them about all the work she and "Friends of Crossheads?" have done, to make the long walk to Colwich School a pleasure, as a lovely flower border has been made, not to mention the lovely floral welcome visitors get to Crossheads. If one stays until evening, enjoying coffee and cakes, you can even become a bat watcher. "Friends" have also contributed to buy a commemorative seat to mark the Queens Sapphire anniversary. This place is a hidden gem!

After a short car journey the Judges were taken to meet the "Friends of Cliff Road" at the recently officially opened Sapphire Orchard, and were met by Marian and Alan and Mick (other "friends" were golfing etc.,) and the history of the Orchard was explained - over a picnic of coffee and biscuits. A commemorative seat and the entire orchard was officially opened on the 1st July by Cllr Amyas Stafford-Northcote, and refreshments served, followed by a B.B.Q. which went on until the early evening. Most households in Cliff Road and Lichfield Drive Great Haywood have contributed to the Sapphire Orchard.

The Judges were then taken to meet the "Friends of Marlborough Close" where Jean, together with Honour, Gordon and friends gave them a tour of the wild-flower meadow, telling them all about the work which had been done to reclaim this neglected area at the bottom of Marlborough Close. It is now possible to take a leisurely stroll through the meadow looking at the lovely Horse- chestnut Tree and all the newer trees which have been planted, together with the grasses (good for the brown butterflies) and the wild flowers. A bench is well placed on the side of the meadow, and sweet-peas with colourful flower tubs made this a lovely place to just sit and contemplate.

The Judges were finally taken to meet Cath, Barrie and Max and were told about all the on-going planting which is being done - season after season - to make the entire Mill Lane, Great Haywood as colourful and cared for as possible; they are helped by all the residents of Mill Lane, who take great pride in keeping the frontages of the bungalows and the Abbey wall cottages, not to mention the colourful bus-stop as well cared for as possible.
Finally - Donna and Roger were taken for lunch at Canalside Café where coffees, coke and Tea, together with Lunch were gratefully consumed.

The "Neighbourhood" Awards will be announced in Coventry on Thursday 21st September, and all the "Friends" will be invited. The Best Kept Village Committee are very grateful to the R.H.S. for their ongoing help and advice and friendship.

Anne Clendon, Hon. Secretary The Haywoods B.K.V. Committees.

Royal Horticultural Society Judge.

Both Great Haywood and Colwich & Little Haywood were very happy to welcome Robin Russell, Royal Horticultural Society Judge to The Haywood on Thursday 13th July, as both villages were in the Large Village Category of the Britain in Bloom Competition: we were very lucky to have pleasant weather, and after being welcomed by Cllr Amyas Stafford-Northcote our Chairman, and members of the committee Robin set off to judge Colwich & Little Haywood first; Janet and Tom Wain gave him a tour of the villages which included our well kept Allotments. Lunch, provided by the Committee was served in the Parish Room, and then Robin was taken round Great Haywood by Marian Doehren and Pat Broome.

Everyone was very pleased to see Robin again, and after several cups of tea (and cake) we said "goodbye" to him, and we will look forward to meeting him again in Warwick on the 14th September when the results of the Competitions will be announced.

The photographs show committee members with Robin outside the Parish Centre and gathering round our colourful Plant stand on the corner of the Abbey Wall.

Anne Clendon Hon Secretary, The Haywoods B.K.V. Committees.

Quiz Night.

The Haywood Best Kept Village/Colwich & Little Haywood in Bloom Committees are happy to announce there will be another Quiz Evening at Colwich & Little Haywood Village Hall, on Friday 13th October 2017. Please put this date in your Diary for another Social Evening with a bit of excitement thrown in.

B.K.V. Presentation.

The B.K.V. Presentation Evening this year will be on Friday 29th September, 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Centre.

The "It's Your Neighbourhood" Awards will be on Thursday 21s September, venue to be announced.

The Haywood Society will meet at 7.45 p.m. in The Sports and Social Club on Wednesday 20th September when Matthew Ellis will be speaking.
Anne Clendon.

New Orchard.

The new Orchard, in celebration of the Queens Sapphire Anniversary was officially opened on Saturday 1st July, 2017 by Cllr Amyas Stafford-Northcote, Chairman of the Haywoods Best Kept Village/Colwich & Little Haywood in Bloom Committees.

The Orchard has been created by "The Friends of Cliff Road" It's Your Neighbourhood Group and members of the Haywoods Katherine House Hospice Group. Fruit trees have been planted behind the wild-flower meadow, and a commemorative bench has been placed there. After the official opening, tea cakes and coffee were served and a B.B.Q was enjoyed by all, which went on until the early evening. A very happy event!

The Haywoods Best Kept Village Group were very pleased to be able to show Mr Robin Russell, Royal Horticultural Society Judge the Orchard when he visited the Haywood on the 13th July 2017.

Anne Clendon Hon.Secretary, Haywoods B.K.V. Committees

The friends of the Best Kept Village Committees.

I wonder if you have heard about the FAIRY WALL? This project was started by Peter, who has a great love of gardening, and now has been joined by all the residents of Shugborough Terrace, Little Haywood - you probably have seen the lovely floral display when you come down the hill from The jubilee Playing Field: well, now look over the road and see The Fairy Wall. Pete wants to share his love of flowers and plants with everyone, and he came up with the idea of a competition to involve the children - they are invited to write, or draw as many different flowers and plants they can find and also include all the objects they can find hidden along the wall. - they might even see fairies at work, especially in the early morning and in the early evening. Children from all the Schools in The Haywoods are invited to join in, and the competition ends 29th September, 2017.

Entries to Anne Clendon, 5 Cliff Road, Great Haywood. (arclendon@gmail.com) Tel 01889.808214, at any time between now and 29th September. 
Hon Secretary. The Haywoods Best Kept Village/Colwich & Little Haywood in Bloom Committees

Important Notice!
The Heart of England in Bloom Judges are coming round The Haywoods to judge BOTH VILLAGES on Thursday 13th July - if you see them walking around, please say "hullo".

"It's Your Neighbourhood" entries are being judged on Wednesday 19th July, and looking at The Red Lion Public house; Shugborough Terrace Friends; Friends of Marlborough Close; Friends of Crossheads; Friends of Cliff Road; Friends of Mill Lane and Mill Court.

The next meeting of the Best Kept Village Committee is on Tuesday 27th June at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Office - all welcome.

The Private Garden Competition entry forms are now in local shops, entrance to the competition is free and Cups are awarded to the winners. The Day of the Judging is Monday 10th July.

The villages are looking well at the moment, so we must keep up our "Gold" standards.

Anne Clendon B.E.M. Hon Secretary B.K.V. Committees

p.s. we would welcome new volunteers.

Dates For Your Diary.

H of E & Vegetable Show. Sunday 10th September. L.H.V. Hall.

BKV Presentation evening Friday 29th September. Parish Office 7.30 p.m.

BKV Committee meeting 27th June Parish Office 7.30 p.m.

Open Gardens 9th July.

H of England in Bloom Judging day 13th July.

H of E. "Neighbourhoods" Judging day 19th July.

Private Gardens Judging day Monday 10th July.

Elford Estate Visit.

This visit was rather unusual, because we all learned about the power of volunteering and perseverance. It was a cold morning when we all managed to squeeze into the Reception room in The Gardeners House and were told the remarkable history of the Walled Garden. The Elford Estate was originally owned by the Paget family and it was thriving until the start of the First World War when the then Lord Paget had the foresight to gift the walled garden to Birmingham City Council in 1936 and made the request that the walled garden should not be destroyed. B.C. Council wanted to build houses on the site, and the original Hall was demolished in 1964, but although most of the Estate was sold off, an action group was started in 2008, helped by Matthew Ellis amongst others, and the restoration of the walled garden began.

The Gardeners House was still standing, and it became the headquarters of the Elford Hall Garden Project. Almost all the work that has been done has been the work of volunteers who have given their time and skills to restore and transform a weed/ivy filled square brick walled garden. On February 18th 2009 volunteers started work on the Rose Garden, stripping ivy and brambles off the walls. They were fortunate in having £248,00 from the Heritage Lottery fund, and a further sum of money in 2010.

The key to the success of the Project list in the Volunteers. As well as transforming and replanting the garden the volunteers are also working on the Gardeners House, where they have water, sanitation and electricity. The Project is totally independent, and as one of the volunteers said "It's not just a garden."

This is a garden to be visited again - there is so much to see - the raised vegetable beds, the flowerbeds, the walls- filled with clematis and fruit trees and the excellent boffey, which had work-in-hand projects on the walls a cast iron stove in the corner, giving a welcome place to enjoy a well-earned cup of tea and piece of cake. All the woodwork is being carried out traditionally, tongue and groove wooden walls and peg joinery - a joy to behold.

There are about 30 volunteers, and they work from 9am to 4pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year. These are good days to visit as you might get shown around or invited for a cuppa! They are supported by the 'Friends of the Walled Garden' with their annual subscription of £20.00 which helps meet costs and enables free access to the Walled Garden.
New Friends, and Volunteers are always welcome.

I was really surprised at the warmth that emanated from the walls, this really is a remarkable place! Asparagus was showing, and strawberries, and there were even roses out on the walls. The collection of old boots on some old stone steps showed that work has been going on in the garden for donkeys of years!

The visit was made by the Staffs & Worcs Group of the Cottage Garden Society.
Anne Clendon.

News from the Haywood Best Kept Village Committee.

The Haywoods Best Kept Village Committee, and Colwich & Little Haywood in Bloom Committees met on Tuesday 7th February in the Parish Centre, St. Marys Road, Little Haywood for their ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. (LINK) We were very fortunate in having Mr Robin Russell from the Royal Horticultural Society with us. This meeting was very well attended, and we had a lively discussion on the COST of the two Competitions and the results. 
The Secretary gave out copies of the marks and comments from the Best Kept Village Competition and we were all very disappointed at our results. -after another lively discussion a vote was taken and it was unanimously decided not the enter the Staffordshire Community Councils Best Kept Village Competition this year. BUT WE WILL MAINTAIN THE HIGH STANDARDS we have achieved last year. The marking of the two Competitions are quite different.
Copies of the R.H.S. marking sheets were distributed and we unanimously agreed to enter the two villages into the R.H.S. Competition.2017.
We will still have the Private Garden Competition, and the Tubs, Hanging Baskets and Floral Display Competition and also ask the school children to make posters for us, but we will announce the Subject after our next Committee meeting. - both these help to make for a good community involvement.

The Haywoods B.K.V. are a lively group, and we all enjoy living in such beautiful villages, so we would like to ask YOU to join us.
We have our own Notice Board in Great Haywood Square, and another is being made for the Colwich end of the villages.
Contact: Anne Clendon. Hon Secretary for the B.K.V. 01889.808214. arclendon@gmail.com

Staffordshire Rural Forum

The EU Rural Funding Forum was held at Rodbaston College on 26th January, and was very well attended.
Frances Beatty MBE welcomed everyone and introduced Roger Allonby, Jo Jury and Chris Findon from the Rural Develpment Team. At present funding is guaranteed until we leave the E.U. 10% of funding can be applied for in respect of footpaths and canal footpaths, and it is also to help farming to diversify - and is very competitive. 
Hilary Foxley, Programme Manager of the Rural Enterprise Programme said money could be used for refurbishment of Buildings, car-parks etc., Ms Foxley gave her telephone number, and talked to a lot of interested parties. 
Polly Gibb Chair of LEADER Local Action Group also gave a short talk, and said they were looking for people to promote jobs and growth. The Rural Payments helpline is 03000.200.301.
Charities can apply but need a Business Plan in place, and it was emphasized that all Departments will liaise and pass on grants - they are working with the County Council.

All present were grateful to Rodbaston College for hosting this informative and important meeting.

Anne Clendon BEM. 
Vice-Chair C.P.R.E. Staffordshire.

Please be aware that we are entering the B.K.V. and Heart of England in Bloom Competitions this year.
YOUR HELP is needed; join the Village Volunteers and wear our VEST - only a small amount of time and effort is needed.
Further information from Anne Clendon. 01889 808214 

HELP! Are you a female/male road-hogger - driving through The Haywoods as if YOU owned the road?

Some drivers in "The Haywoods," are dreadful!

PLEASE slow down - 30 m.p.h. in the villages. Give way to on-coming vehicles, and please INDICATE when you are turning.
A little thought goes a long, long way!

Anne Clendon.

Our next meeting is our Annual General Meeting, to be held in the Parish Centre, St. Marys Road, Little Haywood at 7.30 p.m, Tuesday, 7th February. This will be an important meeting because we will decide if we will enter the B.K.V. and Heart of England in Bloom competitions for Great Haywood and Colwich & Little Haywood.

There are quite a lot of new people moving into our villages, and I think we should give them a warm greeting AND an invitation to join US. so - how about it Committee Members. - I know moving is stressful, but we could start with litter.
I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas time, and my best wishes to everyone for 2017.

Anne Clendon Hon Secretary
Tel 01889.808214
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