Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom


Colwich And Haywoods Best Kept Village Group

We need lots of volunteers to help us win the B.K.V. and Britain In Bloom Competitions. You don't need to join our committee (although you would be more than welcome), we just need volunteers in your immediate area to help us in any way they can.

Tasks such as litter picking and keeping the area tidy, watering and maintaining flower tubs etc. will take just a little of your time and will be a tremendous help to us. You will gain immense satisfaction in being part of a team devoted to improving and keeping our villages beautiful.

If you feel you can help, please contact:

Anne Clendon 808214 (Great Haywood)
Tom Wain 881830 (Little Haywood & Colwich)


HELP - retired, and looking for something to do? The Best Kept Village would like to hear from you - we strongly feel that if you live in a VILLAGE, you ought to connect with village life, by supporting the local pub/joining village organizations/walking round the Parish, and getting to know people. The B.K.V. are very proud of the 2 GOLD AWARDS we have received from the Royal Horticultural Society - for Great Haywood and Little Haywood & Colwich, but we do need more helpers, and would love to hear of any small offer of help from YOU.
Perhaps you might like to sponsor a small flower tub? or just be very aware of dropping litter - 
Cigarette stubs need putting in a bin. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Our Annual General Meeting is on Tuesday 26th January 2016, 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Centre, St.Marys Road, Little Haywood. Please come along.
Anne Clendon (Secretary) 01889.808214. arclendon@gmail.com

A.G.M. Minutes Link

Great Presentation/Thank-you Evening

Both young and old from Colwich Parish enjoyed a "Thank-you for all your work" and Presentation Evening of the Best Kept Village Private Garden Competition and Floral Display/Tubs Competition: the Parish Centre is was bursting at the seams with everyone, and Parish Council Chairman Andy Cooper welcomed warmly welcomed everybody.

The B.K.V. Secretary, Anne Clendon briefly told everyone of all the B.K.V. and Heart of England in Bloom Awards, and gave the fantastic news that both Great Haywood and Little Haywood/Colwich have got GOLD AWARDS this year. For the first time the B.K.V. have entered the R.H.S, Neighbourhood Awards - Anne couldn't announce the results at the meeting, but is now happy to announce that Shugborough Terrace, Little Haywood, and Mill Lane, Great Haywood gained a Level 5 (Excellent) Award, with Cliff Road/Mill Court, Great Haywood getting Level 4 (Thriving), and Marlborough Close Level 3 (Developing). 

The Haywood are still looking fantastic, with flowers under Road Signs, a great welcome sign at both ends of the Parish, and being as litter-free as possible. The dog fouling is still a problem in certain areas, and we would like to be able to publicly prosecute an offending person who leaves their dog excrement on the pavement.

The Annual General Meeting of the B.K.V. Haywoods will be on Tuesday 26th January, 2016 when we will be joined by Robin Russell, R.H.S. Judge, who will give us ideas for helping with the Royal Horticultural Society competitions.

Anne's phone number is 01889 808214, arclendon@gmail.com and would love to hear from anyone who would like to join our happy working band.
The Best Kept Village are extremely happy to report that Great Haywood was awarded a GOLD in the Heart of England in Bloom 2015, and Colwich & Little Haywood were awarded another GOLD this year, .and.. The Red Lion Pub, Little Haywood was awarded a SILVER GILT - a wonderful result for the first time they have been entered.

We are holding a Thank-you" and Presentation Evening in the Parish Centre, when the Cups from the Private Garden Competition and the Hanging Basket/Tubs/Floral display Competition will be presented, at the time of writing the date is 25th September, but I am sure the Evening will be a great happy success.

Our work is ONGOING so please keep a look-out for us, working away like beavers...
We thought it might be a good idea if people/shops etc., would like to sponsor a Tub, or Pot, at a corner of a road, or underneath a Road sign; if you are interested, please contact me on 01889 808214, or arclendon@gmail.com

Anne Clendon B.E.M. Hon Secretary, Haywoods B.K.V/Colwich & Little Haywood in Bloom Committees.

We are holding a Quiz Evening on Friday 9th October, 2015, in Little Haywood Village Hall. 7.30 p.m. 12.00 a table. please bring own drinks and refreshments.
The next Best kept Village meeting is on Tuesday 8th September, 7.30 p.m in the Parish Centre.

Great Haywood came joint 3rd with Gnosall, in the B.K.V. Comp. and Colwich & L.Haywood got Highly Commended.
On Saturday 25th July, Robin Russell, Judge for The Royal Horticultural Society/Heart of England in Bloom, visited five places in the Parish, which were entered into the Neighbourhood Awards Competition - these were: Shugborough Terrace, Little Haywood; Mill Lane; the top of Cliff Road; Marlborough Close, all in Great Haywood. 
We were indeed very fortunate that the weather was kind to us, and we managed to get round all the Areas, without getting wet! Afterwards we all went to have cups of tea and lunch at Canalside Fruit Farm, which Robin had visited lst year, when the Villages were judged. We all hope Robin enjoyed our little Neighbourhoods, and look forward to hearing the result on Thursday 10th September, when they announced at Henley in Arden

Anne Clendon

The following places have been entered into the Neighbourhood Awards section of the R.H.S./Heart of England in Bloom Competition:-
Shugbourgh Terrace, Little Haywood; top of Cliff Road; Mill Lane; Marlborough Close; 
Results will be announced on 10th September, in Henley in Arden.

Anne Clendon.

The Best Kept Village Competition;
We are happy to announce that Great Haywood came a joint 3rd with Gnosall in this year's Competition, Colwich & Little Haywood were awarded a Highly Commended, and came away from the Results feeling rather disappointed, as all the Haywood B.K.V. thought that both villages looked really very good. All we can do is await the official Report, in September, from the B.K.V./Community Council of Staffordshire.

Thank you to ALL who have encouraged us by your lovely comments, throughout the season, we are continuing with our work. Anyone who would like to know more about us, please contact Anne. at arclendon@gmail.com

Anne Clendon

Open Gardens Day

All but one of the owners of the Haywoods Open Gardens Day on Sunday 12th July, gathered together in the garden of Ann and Tom Jones, Cliff Road, Great Haywood, and began their own private tour of each others
gardens. The weather was again kind to us, and we began visiting the gardens on and close to Cliff Road. We went mostly by car, and looked at Oldfields Crescent, Elm Close, Butts Haven - on The Cliffs, The
Hideaway, behind The Lamb and Flag, Little Haywood, Coley Lane, finishing up at Coley Cottage and the Secret Garden (both mentioned in The Yellow Book). Derek, David and Yvonne treated us all to a lovely
Tea Party, with gallons of tea, and wonderful homemade blackcurrant jam, cream scones. Christine Hill, on behalf of Katherine House Hospice Haywoods Group thanked everyone for their wonderful support,
and said that to date we had raised over 3,600.00!
We all wended our way home, after a truly lovely garden visit day.

Anne Clendon


Coffee Morning

A lovely summery Coffee Morning, at Chase House, by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Russell Maingay on 16th June, to help raise fund for the Best Kept Villages at Great Haywood and Little Haywood and Colwich.
Everyone enjoyed being out in the sunshine, and sampling the wonderful homemade cakes, washed down with oodles of tea and coffee.
Anne Clendon

A Letter To The Village;-

Thanks for reading this - and I expect you will have seen some of us at work round the Parish, refilling plant pots, weeding, cutting the grass, etc., we should be wearing our special yellow/pink visability vests (health and safety!) - please stop, and tell us off, if we are not wearing one.

We are again entering both villages into the Kept Village Competition, and the Royal Horticultural Society, Heart of England in Bloom competition, and this year the licensee from The Red Lion, Little Haywood has agreed to let us enter his pub frontage into the competition - so....watch this space!

Last year Colwich and Little Haywood B.K.V. members were "over the moon" by being awarded a GOLD Award, and Great Haywood were delighted to get a SILVER GILT. These Awards are only achieved by a lot of hard work, all through the year; we have to present a folio of our year's work to the Judges, when they arrive.
This year we hope to get two Gold Awards, one for each village, so please do help us by showing you care about our wonderful, beautiful villages. - we are so lucky to be living in a beautiful part of Staffordshire, and Cannock Chase in our Parish, is classed as an Area Of Special Natural Beauty.

We are also entering the two villages into the Best Kept Village Competition. We are judged once in May and again in June, and we may be lucky to get into the third Round, and then we might have a change of coming First, Second or Third, in the Community Council of Staffordshire famous Competition, sponsored by Ruby Owen Holdings Limited. Great Haywood did win once in 1996, and we were County Final Runner up in the Large Village section. We are all working hard to get good results this time.

Unfortunately some dog owners are picking up their dog's pooh in the bags provided, and then hanging them on hedges, trees, or just throwing them away! There is a 1000.00 fine, if anyone is caught.

Please be a small part of the Best kept Village friendly committee, maybe just by looking after your own front garden, and proving we do have "Pride in the Haywoods."

Anne Clendon. Hon Secretary.