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The next meeting will be on Tuesday 7th February, 2017 at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Centre, St. Marys Road, Little Haywood. This will be an important meeting, as it will be our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and we will have to make important decisions on our future, so please do come along.

The B.K.V. volunteers have been out during this winter, putting in new flowers and also planting bulbs, and we are all looking forward to seeing all the crocus bulbs which have been planted.

We are really looking forward to welcoming new volunteers to join us, as our Parish is very large, and I am sure that if all the people who wanted to live in The Haywoods and have now moved into new houses and liked the look of our villages have thought about how difficult it is to keep the Villages looking lovely - would like to join us, they would be made very welcome.

I am the Secretary of the B.K.V. here, my phone number is 01889.808214, and e-mail = arclendon@gmail.com 
Anne Clendon. Hon. Secretary - Haywoods B.K.V.
The Haywoods Best Kept Village are very happy to announce that both Great Haywood, and Colwich & Little Haywood in Bloom and the Red Lion Public House in Little Haywood were awarded SILVER-GILT this year in the Royal Horticultural Society- Heart of England in Bloom Campaign - everyone worked very hard and the villages and the Pub looked great.

Anne Clendon. Hon. Secretary -Haywoods B.K.V. 
This is an apology from The Haywood Players, as they had to cancel the evening at Colwich Church, on 8th October. We did not know that there was a quiz arranged for the previous evening from St. Stephens, Great Haywood, and we did not think many people would want to come out two nights running!

We still want to hold our Poetry event, and are trying to find a date that doesn't conflict with anything else.

Anne Clendon. 01889.808214.
Our wonderful B.K.V. workers planted 5,000 crocus bulbs yesterday round the Parish, to help the R.H.S. Greening up Britain Campaign, and take part in Rotary International's Purple4Poloi Campaign. This is what being part of a thriving caring community is like - thank you -everyone who helped, your time and effort is appreciated.

Just to remind everyone - the "Thank-you and Presentation" Evening is on Friday night 7th October, 7.30 in the Parish Room. All welcome.

Anne Clendon. Hon. Secretary -Haywoods B.K.V. 
Just to remind everyone that the Presentation Evening is on Friday 7th October at 7.30 p.m in the Parish Centre where the winners of the Private Garden Competition 2016 will be announced. Come and enjoy a glass of something and good company at the Parish Centre, St. Marys Road, Little Haywood.

Anne Clendon Hon. Secretary,

These pictures are  from the The Haywoods B.K.V Award Ceremony on Thursday 15 Sept.


Tom receiving award of Silver Gilt Award on behalf of the Red Lion, Little Haywood.






Pat and Marian receiving Silver Gilt Award for Great Haywood group.





Angela and Tom receiving Silver Gilt Award for Colwich and Little Haywood group.

Thank You!
At the time of going to Press, we do not know the results of the Heart of England in Bloom Awards for Colwich and Little Haywood, and Great Haywood, but this is to say a big THANK YOU from our Chairman, for all the work that has been done over the summer months.

The Heart of England in Bloom results will be announced at Aldridge on the 15th September, and the "It's Your Neighbourhood" awards will be announced on 20th September, at Ludlow.
The "Thank-You" and Presentation Evening is on Friday 7th October, 2016 at 7.30 p.m. in The Parish Centre. - please make a note of the date, and do come along and meet everybody.

Our next committee meeting is on Tuesday 6th September, 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Centre.

Anne Clendon.
Hon Secretary the B.K.V. Committee.

New Planter.

The Haywoods B.K.V. received a very pleasant surprise when one of the Building Companies who are at present besieging the villages has donated a small Planter on the land off the A.51 at the entrance to Great Haywood. Although the B.K.V. are not in favour of seeing our familiar old fields being built upon, never the less, we do want to make friends with all the new people who will come and live with us. The Planter was put in place on the 13th July.

The photograph shows Mrs Jean Makin M.B.E; Mr Amyas Stafford-Northcote - B.K.V. Haywoods Chairman, and other members of the committee together with family representatives from our friendly Builder.


Judging Dates.

Heart of England in Bloom Judging day for Great Haywood and Little Haywood & Colwich is Thursday 14th July. All meet at Parish Centre, by 9.45 a.m. please to meet the Judges and make a good impression

Tuesday 19th July is the "It's Your Neighbourhood" judging day. starting at Shugborough Terrace at 10.00 a.m.

B.K.V. results announced on Monday 1st August, Stafford College at 7.30 p.m.

The Private Garden forms are now out in local shops and should be returned to Anne by 8/9/July please.

The Haywood Society Summer Buffet is on Friday evening at Chase House, Colwich.

The Fairy Wall.

The children's Wild-life Competition. please note the closing date for entries is now at the end of the summer school holidays. Monday 29th August.

All Primary School age children are asked to visit the "Fairy Wall" opposite Shugborough Terrace, Main Road, Little Haywood, and write down - in their own handwriting - a list of all the interesting and wild-life objects they can find.

Entries can be sent to the Parish Centre, St. Marys Road, Little Haywood, or 5 Cliff Road, Great Haywood.
Small prizes will be awarded.

This Competition is to help ALL CHILDREN at Primary Schools in the Parish to look and discover all the interesting things they can see, especially wild-life.

Anne Clendon. Tel 01889 808214. 

Everything is happening in The Haywoods.

Saturday July 9th is a specially busy day - as the Tolkein Exhibition will still be in the Great Haywood Memorial Hall, and all the people letting the public look at their gardens for the Katherine House Hospice Open Day event, will be extremely busy, making everything as perfect as possible for Sunday 10th July.

The Haywood Players are now working on a Poetry and Music Evening, to be held in Colwich Church on Saturday 8th October. We shall just miss the national Poetry Day, but hope to share our poetry and music on the Saturday. Further details can be had from Anne, on 01889.808214. arclendon@gmail.com.

At the end of July, all the members of the Haywood Best Kept Village Committees will be breathing sighs of relief, as the judging periods for the Best Kept Villlage and Heart of England in Bloom Competitions will be over! - BUT we will still be working to keep The Haywoods looking well cared for.

The Heart of England in Bloom judges will be looking at Little Haywood, and Great Haywood on Thursday 14th July, and the "It's Your Neighbourhood" judges will be around on Tuesday 19th July.

The results from the Best Kept Village Competition will be announced in Stafford on Monday 1st August, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a higher award than Highly Commended. The villages have looked rather special this year, particularly as our wonderful Queen celebrated her 80th Birthday. This was reflected in the Childrens' posters, from all the Schools, the red,blue and white flowers and Union Flags in a lot of the floral displays.

We would like to say a special "thank-you" to Jane and Russell Maingay for letting us have our morning Coffee-morning money raising event at Chase House in June. We do appreciate the help you can give us. and this also helps in our portfolio which we present to the judges of the Heart of England in Bloom , to show all the work which is done over the whole 12 months of the year.

We are part of Facebook now, and I hope that the children (and adults) have enjoyed looking at the colourful, interesting Wall, which Peter and friends have planted and maintained, on the Main Road, opposite Shugborough Terrace. (I think this used to be called Seamstressers Row, for the women who used to work at Shugborough Hall).
I will report on the results of the B.K.V. in the next issue of Contact.and maybe the Heart of England in Bloom results too.
My personal thanks to everyone who is working so hard and making The Haywoods look lovely
Anne Clendon

Do you believe in fairies? - the fairy-lights along the wall on the main road, Little Haywood, opposite Shugborough Terrace are twinkling each evening, ready for their party. and Peter tells me there is a lot of wild-life to be found there, as well as all sorts of interesting little things, for the fairies.

The Haywoods Best Kept Village would like children under the age of 5, and children at the Primary Schools, the Haywoods to make a list of everything they can see, especially wild-life, and take it to The Parish Centre, St. Marys Road, Little Haywood, or to Anne, at 5 Cliff Road, Great Haywood, by Friday 1st July, when prizes will be given for the children who have found the most, especially wild-life.

Kind fairies come in all shapes and sizes, and I really do believe in them. - so, some on children and Moms and Dads, Grandparents and friends, START LOOKING and let us have your lists. - small prizes will be given to the most interesting lists.
Anne Clendon. Haywoods B.K.V. 
The Best Kept Villagers are now working very hard to keep everywhere looking as well kept as possible, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is helping - it doesn't matter if it is only to pick up a piece of litter, and put it in a bin; we know not everyone can "man" a lawn-mower!

As part of our money-raising efforts, Jane and Russell Maingay have very kindly offered to have another COFFEE MORNING, in their delightful early summer garden, on WEDNESDAY 8th JUNE, 2016 from 10.30 a.m. to Noon. Tickets are £5.00, which includes coffee, and delicious home-made cake. Please made a note of the date, and come and enjoy good company, lovely food and lots of good "chat".

Tickets can be had from Anne Clendon, 01889.808214, and Ann Jones, 01889 882634, or any member of the Committee. and can also be purchased at the door.

If you would like to join us, please come along. Information can be obtained from the local Notice boards.

Anne Clendon, Secretary Haywoods B.K.V. Committee.
News Snippets.

Here we are again! some of the Haywoods Best Kept Villagers, ready to go on another joint "Clean up for the Queen" and starting the B.K.V. clean-up. Fortunately we had a good day, and collected lots of litter. Tom and others had a good "go" at the A51 By-Pass, but this is a never ending job! 

Anne has been trying to keep a secret - the winners of the children's Poster Competition. By the time you read this, the posters will be on display - all 245 of them; they were fantastic, and we would like to thank EVERYONE who entered the Competition, they were interesting, colourful and lovely.

The B.K.V. are holding a Coffee Morning, on Wednesday 8th June, 10.30 - 12.00 at Chase House, Main Road, Colwich (by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Russell Maingay)

There will be refillable coffee-cups, and mouthwatering cakes, and of course, lots of Chat.

Anne Clendon. 01889.808214.
Canal Pathways.
Some of the Best Kept Villagers have been busy trying to tidy-up the canal pathway through the Haywoods, but this is a mammoth task, and the Parish Council have passed on to us information from the Canal & River Trust which may be of interest to other people who could help maintain our local canals.
Fortunately our canal paths are in fairly good order, but there is always tons of litter to be "found".

The C&R Trust are looking for volunteers and I would recommend you visit 
     facebook.com/canalrivertrust - or freephone 0800 4799947.

(Anne Clendon. Sec; Haywoods B.K.V.)
Coffee Morning.
The Haywoods Best Kept Village would like to invite you to a Coffee Morning on Wednesday 8 June 2016 at Chase House, Main Road, Colwich 10.30am to 12noon

Admission £5.00

Please come along and enjoy coffee and wonderful cakes, and enjoy this lovely garden. 
R.H.S. Seminar.
The Royal Horticultural Society's Seminar was hosted by the Haywoods/Colwich & L.Haywood in Bloom Comittees, on Wednesday 9th March in Great Haywood Memorial Hall. Interested ""Bloomers" gathered information from President Les Goodman, and several of the Judges, and were shown a visual display and had a talk on how Norton in Hales won the Small Village Category and went through to the Finals. This was a red-letter day for The Haywoods B.K.V. and now everyone is fired-up to try and get Gold Awards again. We are also entering "It's Your Neighbourhood" again and hope to get another entry to boost four we now enter into this category. The Red Lion Public House is also re-entering the Campaign. 

Details of our next meetings will be put on the Parish notice-boards - we ALWAYS need helping hands.
Contact Anne, on 01889 808214 arclendon@gmail.com

Spring Seminar.
A successful SPRING SEMINAR was held on 9th March 2016 in Great Haywood Memorial Hall. President Les Goodman and Judges mingled with over 75 enthusiastic Heart of England in Bloom visitors. A lovely DAY was had by all, and special thanks must go to the Ladies who provided a splendid lunch. This meeting was a real team effort - Thank you - everybody. 

Good morning all,

The next volunteering activities are as follows –

1.    Wednesday 2nd March 10am heathland management at Pipehall Common (Peter Freeman from Lichfield DC will be leading this)

2.    Friday 4th March 9:30 - 11am litter pick as part of the ‘Clean for the Queen’ campaign. Please meet at Coppice Hill car park, Chase Road.

Please ensure for both activities you wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

A number of you have showed an interest in sponsoring me for the Stafford Half Marathon on Sunday 20th March. I will be running to raise money for Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group, I'm hoping to raise £300 as a minimum. If you would like to sponsor me please use this link http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/EmmajaneBeaman .

Many thanks

Emma Jane Beaman

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