Haywoods & Colwich In Bloom

It's Your Neighbourhood

Awards for 2015.

Four members of THE HAYWOODS were thrilled to receive the following Awards, for their first time entrance into this Heart of England competition.

Shugborough Terrace, Little Haywood received a 5...which means "Outstanding"
Mill Lane, Great Haywood. received a .5. which means "Outstanding"
Cliff Road, Great Haywood. received a..4.. which means "Thriving"
Marlbough Close, Great Haywood received a 3.... which means "Developing"

These rewards from the Heart of England in Bloom are given to help improve and enhance small areas of land/property/housing, which will make all areas pleasant and happy places in which to live, and it certainly works in the four above entrants in this competition, as neighbours are helping neighbours, getting to know each other better, and making everyone feel better for seeing well kept, green and flowering small spaces.
Unfortunately these results did not come in time for our " Presentation and Thank-You" evening on Friday 25th September, held in The Parish Centre, Little Haywood: when the Cups and Shields were presented to the winners of the Private Garden Competitions, and the Tubs Hanging Baskets Floral Display Competition. but a very convivial evening was enjoyed by all. The Presentations were made by Andy Cooper, Chairman of Colwich Parish Council.

Anne Clendon, Secretary, Haywoods B.K.V. Committees.